GLEN ROSE - “When I was 12, I predicted Reagan’s assassination attempt and I was dead on the money to the day,” Brian Baker said. “That is when I really realized that there was something to what I was able to do.”

What Baker realized was that he had the gift of psychic abilities. Baker was one of the many people in attendance at the fifth annual Texas Paranormal Unity Fest held Saturday at the Somervell County Expo who had some sort of connection or experience to the paranormal. Being at a festival was a chance for Baker and those who believe in the mystic metaphysical world to come together and not be judged for their beliefs.

Since the world isn’t receptive to those that claim to have psychic medium abilities, it took Baker years to hone his skill.

“Because of the stigma that goes along with this, it’s difficult to find a lot of people who are willing to even talk about it, so a lot of the skill I developed was on my own through a lot of research,” he said.

According to a psychic medium is someone who is able to convey messages from people who have passed on. Mediums can receive a message in a variety of ways including hearing the information, seeing symbols that correspond with the message or smelling scents not present in the room.

Baker is a medium that hears his messages and he has no control over when he’ll be contacted by someone that has crossed over. At one point during the fest he was overcome by the presence of someone who had a message for one of the festivalgoers.

As the Reporter was in mid-conversation with Baker he began to zone out. His wife Kim explained that the semi-catatonic state he had fallen under was the result of him picking up a frequency from someone that crossed over. As Baker was under he softly whispered, “Stop.” Kim said it was Baker’s way of telling the person to slow down and communicate with him more clearly.

With so many different people in the surrounding area it took Baker a few minutes to pick out whom the message was for. Once he zeroed in on the person, Kim walked over to Kara Ziegenfuss and told that her husband was a medium and he had a message for her from someone on the other side. Ziegenfuss was receptive to the idea and Brian and Kim escorted her outside so that Brian could pass along the message.

Baker began by telling Ziegenfuss that the message was from an older woman and he proceeded to ask her if it was her mother that passed and she said it was. The message that Ziegenfuss’ mother wanted her to know was that she was okay after her death and that the difficulties that Ziegenfuss were going through wouldn’t last long.

Throughout the visit, Baker would pause, because the messages often come through cryptically and he doesn't always understand the message right away.

Baker continued on and told Ziegenfuss that her mother was there to watch over her and will continue to do so as long as she wants her to. Ziegenfuss replied back, “ She is more than welcome to stay and I miss her.” After ten minutes, Ziegenfuss’ mother left and Baker related that her mother came to him so strongly that he had to relay the message.

“Thank you, Ziegenfuss said. "I’m a giver and healer too and I try to help whenever I’m called to do it, so I really appreciate it.”

Tracy Ray also discovered her psychic medium and empath abilities at an early age, when one of her spiritual guides told her about a sister she never knew she had. Ray confirmed the news with her mother and that is when it was made know that she was special.

Ray said it took her years to “come out of the closet” as she puts it, because after realizing Ray had the gift her grandmother told her to never tell anyone and to only use her it in a way that would not expose her abilities to others.

As she’s has gotten older Ray has used her abilities to help with paranormal investigations. Being on the scene of paranormal activity can be dangerous so there are rules for mediums to follow.

“The first thing a psychic medium has to do is, you have to make sure you protect yourself before you go on any location," she said. "Pray or carry crystals, because spirits will come to us a lot faster than a regular person,” she said.

The next rule is to always bring someone along that knows them and their personality and demeanor, because if a psychic happens to get jumped - where a spirit takes over their body - there needs to be someone around that knows what to do to help them. Spirits have jumped Ray.

“I was at an investigation where a girl had been murdered back in the 1800s on a college campus and the person that actually killed her came through, got into my body and he was telling me what to say and what happened,” she explained.

She akin the experiences to feeling like you have been beaten up. The experience is exhausting for Ray since the spirits use a lot of her energy. To recharge and pull the negative energy off of herself she has to touch the screw on a light switch.

Whether you believe or not, both Ray and Baker calls their abilities gifts. Recently they both started helping locate missing people with their gift.