GLEN ROSE – Had Somervell County Fire Marshal Dwayne Griffin felt the need, he could have very well have deemed that the Commissioners’ Courtroom inside of the Somervell County Courthouse Annex had reached capacity during the joint session held Monday, July 18 between the Somervell County Commissioners and Glen Rose City Council.

However, with a courtroom overflowing into the hallway and throng of residents already on edge due to the topic at hand, the thought of maximum capacity did not ever surface. What did surface were an open floor, open dialogue and the opening of minds to address the future of the Somervell County Expo Center.

The meeting of the locally elected minds was needed after the commissioners recently tabled a motion to close the doors of the approximately 680,000-square-foot expo center located at 202 Bo Gibbs Blvd. on 8.720 acres of land and valued at $19,187,710.

According to the commissioners and Somervell County Judge Danny L. Chambers, the expo center has been on the county’s budget for 23 years and for 23 years has failed to break even or profit. Due to ongoing litigation with Luminant Generation Company, LLC, the commissioners are serious about trimming their budget for the upcoming fiscal year, Chambers said.

There was no immediate action taken during the joint session.

The Somervell County Commissioners have scheduled a special session for Friday, July 22 at 9:30 a.m. to be held in the Commissioners’ Courtroom inside the Somervell County Courthouse. Agenda item No. 6 is to “discuss/take action on options regarding the expo center.”

As of press time, the Glen Rose City Council did not have a special session scheduled to address the expo center.


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