GLEN ROSE – Promoting the American dream and proudly representing the 25th congressional district of Texas,

Republican Roger Williams gave one fired-up speech Monday, Aug. 22 at the Somervell County Citizens Center.

Williams is the representative for Bosque, Burnet, Coryell, Hamilton, Hill, Johnson, Lampasas, and Somervell counties also including areas of Bell, Erath, Hays, Tarrant, and Travis counties.

“I am a Christian, conservative, Republican. That’s who I am,” Williams said.

Williams discussed many issues with the enthusiastic audience.

“So what about congress? What’s happening? The issues are pretty simple,” Williams said. “We have the highest tax rates in the world. America! The highest tax rates in the world! And we wonder why nobody is making money. We wonder why Main street is hurting. We have the highest tax rates in the world and we’re going to fix it.”

Williams noted that the difference from what he remembers of taxes and money from an earlier time period versus both issues today.

“I’m old enough, like some of you, to remember one dollar gasoline," he said. "I remember 20 percent interest. I remember 9/11. I can tell you as a business guy, it’s as hard now as it’s ever been to be in business in America. Banks cannot loan you money and you can’t hire anybody. We’ve got all this unemployment and nobody wants to work. It’s a real problem. We’re going to cut tax rates, cut personal income tax, cut the corporate tax, cut the payroll tax and so on.”

He happily shared his views of the American dream.

“People need to take risks and be rewarded. That’s what America is built on. Risk and reward. The American dream. NOT the American scheme, which is what we have going on in our country today,” Williams said.

According to William’s website,, has “been the voice of business owners across America”.

The site also states “Williams has authored a tax reform package called Jumpstart America which will cash flow Main Street American businesses and put people back to work. It has the support of Americans for Tax Reform, former Congressional Budget Office director and economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chair Don Powell, and countless small business owners nationwide.”

The congressman observed that health-care is not affordable anymore. He said something needs to be done about it.

“Then we have an issue with energy. Are we going to continue to be dependent on or are we gonna be independent of?,” Williams said.

He discussed his idea for an energy program.

“We need to have an energy policy that will allow us to be independent," he said. “I’ve got an energy program right now to create a partnership between Canada, the United States and Mexico. That way we can tell the middle east that they can go and that we don’t need them anymore."

The 25th district includes Fort Hood – a place where Williams feels strongly about due to the improvements that need to be made within the military.

“We need to strengthen our military," he said. "I represent Fort Hood in my district. I know we have a lot of veterans in attendance here, I appreciate your service. We need to do a better job every single day of thanking our veterans and those who are in service right now and simply say we love you. We appreciate you."

The congressman was emphatic during the military portion of his speech.

“What has happened to our military in the last eight year is a tragedy and it’s a real problem for this country," he said. "We’ve gone from a million man army to a 400,000 man army. We’ve gone from 7,000 tanks to 2,000 tanks. We’ve gone from having the greatest pilots in the world, which we still have, who used to fly every single day, can at best fly every other day."

He said the U.S. Navy "is now heading to 1917 numbers."

"The military has been asked to take one trillion dollars in cuts, " he said. "Can you imagine that?"

He asserted that America "can’t balance its books."

Williams expressed concerns about the barracks in which the military men and women are required to live.

During his speech Williams touched on the issues with kids dropping out of school at young ages.

“We also need to find out why we have 100,000 kids every year in Texas alone that are dropping out of school in the ninth grade. That is a tragedy,” Williams said.

”That’s why we need to focus on getting these kids in community colleges so they can understand that they don’t have to be a lawyer, a doctor or a business guy. They can create their own business and live the American dream. And then last, we have to cut the spending and quit taking our country further and further in debt.”

Before wrapping up his speech, the congressman explained the importance of voting in the November Presidential election.

"We’ve got an election coming up," he said. "Haven’t we all remembered what our parents told us? You need to vote because this is the most important election of our lifetime. Well I’m here to say it again. This is the most important election of our lifetime. One of the most precious rights we have is to VOTE."

He said America can go down the path of big government, where the government tells people what to do every second, 24/7 or it can go down a path where "we can be individuals."

"With individual freedom and individual responsibility, we can let the government do three things: Collect our taxes, defend our borders and help our infrastructure," he said. "That’s what needs to be happening. That’s what I’m fighting for every single day.”


Kelsey Poynor


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