On Oct. 10, Somervell County Agricultural Extension Agent, Zach Davis, along with the Master Gardeners, presented a program on rainwater harvesting. 

Reclaiming this free resource can be as simple as having a rain barrel at the bottom of a downspout from your roof.  Other systems are elaborate and can reserve thousands of gallons of water from just one rainfall.

Zach included a power-point presentation that showed examples of a variety of storage tanks along with the necessary equipment to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the water storage area.

Shirley Smith, Master Gardener, also spoke, along with MG President, Julie Connor.  Both of these ladies have been implementing rainwater catchment systems on their properties for a number of years and had some good suggestions for the audience members.

With drought a constant threat in large portions of our state, we would be wise to begin thinking of ways to conserve.  Just to give you an idea of how much water can be saved, a one-inch rain on a thousand square-foot roof will yield 600 gallons of water.

That saved water can then easily be used on landscapes, in gardens, for pets and/or wildlife.  Also, in lieu of a drilled water well, there are systems available for indoor use. Once filtered, this water is very desirable.  When managed correctly, harvested water is sufficient for entire families.

For more information, contact the Somervell County Extension Office at 254-897-2809 or come to the next Master Gardener meeting, held at the Extension Office behind the Expo Center at 10 a.m. on Nov. 16.