Several Glen Rose Junior High School students qualified for Duke University’s TIP (Talent Identification Program) seventh grade Talent Search based on their STAAR test scores in the sixth grade, according to the GRISD.

The students included John Hague, Hazel Hawkins, Sydney Headrick, Conner Homrighaus, Jillian Kirkley, Carolina Martin, Scott Statler, Kritika Timalsina, and Austin Woolard.

The Duke TIP is a non-profit organization that supports academically talented students in the fourth through 12th grades.

The students had the opportunity to register for either the ACT or SAT test during their seventh grade school year.

The Talent Search pool is a special group of students who demonstrate a high level of achievement on tests with a ceiling appropriate for their age and grade.

The SAT and ACT provide a means to further assess their potential for a higher level of learning.

John Hague, Hazel Hawkins, Jillian Kirkley, Scott Statler and Austin Woolard qualified for the Academy of Summer Studies based on their SAT/ACT scores.

Carolina Martin qualified for and attended a Center for Summer Studies at Trinity University based on her ACT scores.

“I went to the Summer Studies,” Carolina said. “I had a ton of fun! I got to be a prosecutor in a trial, meet tons of people, and do fun activities.”

Austin Woolard, who attended an Academy for Summer Studies at Austin College, said, “Duke TIP was the highlight of my summer. I made great friends and attended a fun but challenging three-week program on the human body. I loved it and can’t wait until next year!”