The Somervell County Commissioners Court on Monday approved the acquisition of radio and video equipment requested by the Sheriff’s Office.

Dwayne Griffin, chief deputy for Sheriff Alan West, told the commissioners that there are six items requested, including two new body cameras, a camera for the jail freezer area, and four hand-held radios with a charging bank.

Monday marked the first meeting of the new budget year for the county, and the cost of the items will be included in that budget. The total cost of those items will be $49,050, money that is already provided for under the new budget. That includes approximately $6,000 for each of the handheld radios, which are manufactured by Motorola.

Commissioners Kenneth Wood, John Curtis and Larry Hulsey along with County Judge Danny Chambers all voted to approve the purchases. The other commissioners, Don Kranz, did not attend the meeting.

Griffin said after the meeting that the radio expenses are part of the unfunded mandates from the state of Texas requiring counties be "P-25" (Project 25) compliant with digital communication capabilities.

"We went (all) digital three years ago," Griffin noted.


Doug McClure, director of technology for the Glen Rose Independent School District, spoke the commissioners on the issue of email retention and archiving for county employees. Somervell County has an ongoing cooperative agreement for the GRISD to handle some of the information technology tasks.

“Right now, the plan is we just don’t delete anything,” McClure told the commissioners, but added, “This is not a space thing. It just makes it transparent to the community. The archive system is searchable and is responsive to open records requests. The end user can’t really mess it up.”

McClure explained to the commissioners that the emails could be deleted as often as they might want. They approved by unanimous vote to have the “Sent” files in county emails deleted by the IT administrator after one year, and to delete regular email files after one week.


John Curtis, commissioner for Precinct 2, was nominated by the Commissioners Court as its nominee Somervell County Central Appraisal District’s Board of Directors.

With Curtis abstaining, the other two — Hulsey and Wood — along with Chambers, voted in favor of his nomination.

Judge Chambers said that the votes on the various CAD Board nominees from the various taxing entities will be compiled on or before Dec. 15. Curtis has already served two 2-year terms on the CAD Board of Directors.