The steel truss bridge on U.S. Highway 67 about 5 miles east of Glen Rose should be reopened ahead of schedule.

A representative of the Texas Department of Transportation late Friday afternoon confirmed that all of the work is expected to be finished “within the next couple of weeks.”

TxDOT Public Information Officer Michael Peters stated, “Major infrastructure repairs on the bridge are now complete. The remaining work includes the removal of the old striping and lane markers, re-striping and the removal of the barricades. Weather permitting, the contractor expects to be finished within the next couple of weeks.”

The bridge, which goes over the Brazos River, sustained heavy damage to its overhead beams at its east entrance on May 10 when a rock transport truck — traveling with its trailer in the upright position — crashed into it. Originally, TxDOT had said the bridge repairs might not be complete until December.

Since then, the two westbound traffic lanes were moved to the other side. That forced both the eastbound and westbound traffic to be reduced to one lane each.

The speed limit in that area was changed to 45 mph for safety, but reportedly many motorists ignore the reduced speed — causing safety concerns on a highway some commuters already considered to be dangerous.