A Glen Rose hometown hero, Buck Bridewell, was honored during a Glen Rose Lions Club meeting for his service as a nose gunner on a B-24 bomber on 29 dangerous missions over Europe during World War II.

Bridewell was presented with a plaque by Dr. Bill Wyatt.

The top of the plaque features a photo of Bridewell that states: “Presented to W.A. “Buck” Bridewell in recognition of his service to the 766th Squadron, 461st Bomb Group, 15th Air Force of the U.S. Army Air Force.”

The plaque also featured the words from a poem that Bridewell has carried in his wallet since the war.

“I want to pay tribute

To a guy I’ll never know;

To the one who’ll take my turret,

When it comes my time to go.

I’d like to take his hand in mine,

And slap him on the back —

This guy who’ll take my turret

Through tomorrow’s fire and flak.

I’d like to give assurance

That my ghost will be right there,

To guide his hands and help him,

In this Battle for the Air.

Though his eyes do not behold me

We’ll be working face to face

And perhaps we’ll both be helping

The guy who takes HIS place.”

This is an inspiration for Bridewell and those valiant airmen who were indeed a part of our Greatest Generation. His children, the Honorable Wayne Bridewell, 249th Judicial District Judge of Somervell and Johnson counties, and Gloria Rutherford, were in attendance as their father was being honored.