Glen Rose ISD’s board of trustee election resulted with the addition of a new member who defeated a four-term incumbent, plus the return of two school board members who will serve an additional three-year term.

Joining the GRISD board of trustees will be newcomer Andy Snow and incumbents Marilyn Phillips and Kelley Snodgrass.

Three seats were available this year with a total of six candidates vying for a seat on the board. Locally, school board elections give the highest vote-getters the opportunity to serve the district and community.

Snodgrass, who was first elected as a write-in candidate in May 2002, was re-elected with 208 votes to give him a third term on the GRISD school board. He currently serves as board secretary, a position he received following the resignation of Pete Moore in January 2007.

Snow, who was chosen to his first-ever elected position, came in second with 207 votes to give him a seat on the local board of trustees.

Also re-elected to her fourth three-year term was current board president Marilyn Phillips, who garnered 198 votes. She was first elected in May 1998 and has served three full terms, as well as a one-year unexpired term following the resignation of Moore.

Other candidates not elected and their vote totals, include: Lewis Keese (142), Dr. Mike Davis (135) and Kari Quinlan (84).

Davis, who lost a bid to serve a fifth term, will now be replaced on the school board after serving four full terms. He was first elected in May 1990 and was elected again in May 1999. Davis was currently serving as vice president of the school board.

A total of 384 voters cast their ballots in the election, resulting in a low turnout of just 6.8 percent of registered voters. Glen Rose ISD has a total of 5,598 eligible voters residing within its boundaries.

During the Early Voting period a total of 143 individuals visited the polls, compared to 241 on Election Day.

Judy Shipman, GRISD’s elections administrator, reported that no absentee ballots or provisional ballots were cast in this year’s election.

Snodgrass, following the election, said he is appreciative and thankful for the support of voters. “I will once again try to do the job that I was elected to do. I’m very thankful for the votes and the election, and I look forward to working with the school district to make sure we have good people and outstanding students. We as a board hope to continue that in the future.”

Snow, who will soon begin his first term as an elected official, says he “very honored to be chosen to serve on the board” to work for the students and employees of GRISD.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me,” said Snow. “I look forward to doing the best job possible.”

When asked about the election results considering he is a newcomer to the board, Snow said “I’m certainly happy that I filed because I felt compelled to get involved. I’m happy to have been elected to serve in that capacity.”

“The current board has done a great job and I look forward to working with them to keep the district heading in the right direction,” said Snow. “In my opinion, I don’t necessarily think that we should try to fix what’s not broken.”

Snow also said this year’s slate of candidates were great individuals. “I think we had a good pool of candidates. All six were worthy and capable. Again, I’m honored to be in top three.”

Phillips, after the election, thanked her supporters for their consideration once again. “With the opportunity to serve the community and district again, I hope to continue as I have in the past and hope that my dedication has proven itself.”

She added she looks “forward to working with the board and the district, as well as the community” to devise a long-term planning strategy and sound budget. “To me, those are the biggest obstacles we’ll face as a board. We’re in very good shape due to good leadership within the district but will need to work hard to develop creative financing options.”

The three newly elected candidates will be administered the oath of office at the school board’s next regular monthly meeting scheduled for Monday, May 20 at 7 p.m. They will join GRISD trustees Wade Busch, Kevin Taylor, Tom Lounsberry and Brady Brown.