The voters have cast their ballots electing a new face to join the Glen Rose city council along with two incumbents, once again filling the panel of city leaders to five.

Three available seats on the council will now be filled, including a vacancy that will be occupied by a political newcomer who garnered enough votes despite being a write-in candidate and not listed on the ballots.

Re-elected by plurality and receiving the most votes were two current city councilors, Dr. Rocky Terry and Ricky Villa. Both candidates received 83 votes and were elected to serve another two-year term.

Also joining the council for a two-year term will be Barbara Mitchell who garnered 62 votes. She will fill a seat that was vacated by former councilman Alvis Million who resigned in December 2007.

Candidates vying for a seat on the Glen Rose city council but receiving fewer votes than the top three, included Dianne Gruber (52), Dennis Moore (45), Jennifer Miller (25) and Kim Cecil (15).

Less than 10 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in last Saturday’s city council election, with a total of 153 residents participating in this year’s election.

City Clerk Mygnonne Thomas reported that the city of Glen Rose has a total of 1,602 registered voters within the city limits resulting in a turnout of just 9.5 percent of all eligible voters during the election.

During the Early Voting period, 83 voters visited the polls compared to 115 on Election Day.

Thomas also reported no absentee ballots were mailed to Town Hall, and no provisional ballots were received.

Following the election, political newcomer and councilwoman-elect Mitchell said she looks forward to serving the community.

“Being new to local politics, I just look forward to working with the city council,” said Mitchell. “I think they’re doing a wonderful job. I also want to continue to work with the council in the direction they’re going because growth is going to be the biggest challenge we face in the future.”

Mitchell also thanked residents for their vote of confidence, saying “I’ll do my best to be a voice for the citizens of Glen Rose.”

Beginning his third term on the city council, Villa, who was first elected in May 2004, said after the election he is glad to have the support of the community and looks forward to serving another two-year term.

“There’s a lot of exciting things going on in Glen Rose and I’m excited about being a part of it,” said Villa. “There were a lot of good candidates and I’m pleased with Barbara Mitchell and glad she got on the council. I look forward to working with her and the rest of the council in the future.”

Elected to his third full-term, Terry says it’s an honor to serve the community once again.

“I hope that I’ll be worthy of the trust people put in me,” said Terry after the election. “We (council) want to keep going in the same direction in the things we’re trying to do. I think we’re going to see unprecedented growth in the community in the next few years, and if it continues we need to be ready for the growth that is going to occur.”

Thanking citizens “for their vote of confidence,” Terry also congratulated council newcomer Mitchell. “She’s a neat lady and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with her, and the rest of the council.”

Those elected during last weekend’s local election will officially take office upon a swearing-in ceremony at the city council’s June 9 meeting. They will join current councilors Bob Stricklin and Chris Bryant, and Mayor Pam Miller.