Despite not being placed on the agenda for the December 15 GRISD school board meeting, Joelle Ogletree and her husband Doug came to the meeting hoping for another chance to be heard.

Joelle spoke during a grievance hearing in November, after the district denied her volunteer application. The board failed to make a motion at the end of the hearing, meaning that Joelle’s application remained denied. The board could not discuss or take action at the regularly scheduled meeting that followed at 7 p.m. because the item was not listed on the agenda, meaning her last shot was to be put on the Dec. 15 agenda

On Monday, Doug addressed the board during the open comment portion of the meeting.

“Someone some how has been able to justify what you are doing since you can sleep at night,” Doug said, referring to the fact that Joelle was not on the night’s agenda even after she sent an email requesting to be placed on the agenda to each board member and the superintendent on December 5.

Joelle even re-applied for employment with the district as a French teacher last year, after the TEA reinstated her teaching license. She was not selected.

Doug said the district missed their chance to make things right and finally put the past where it belonged.

“We have endured battle after battle and we have prevailed. Keep that in mind,” Doug said.

Joelle was a Glen Rose graduate and taught French before the allegations were made.

Doug has taught at the Glen Rose High School for 18 years and he continues to teach on campus.