One person was injured at the scene of a five-car collision on Wednesday at the intersection of Highway 67 and Highway 56.

Just before noon, four vehicles were stopped at the light in the right-hand lane on eastbound Hwy. 67. The fifth car, a red Monte Carlo driven by Jeffrey Boise, failed to stop and slammed into the back of a red Lincoln Town Car. The collision caused a chain reaction as each car pushed into the car in front of it.

Diane Keith, of Kemp, suffered an incapacitating injury according the report by Glen Rose Chief of Police Weldon Mitchell.

Boise, a 46-year-old equipment operator from Glen Rose, was cited for failure to control speed. A blood test was administered and returned positive for drugs. Boise was arrested at the scene and taken to jail.

Boise was also charged with driving while intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor; possession of drug paraphernalia, a class C misdemeanor; possession of a dangerous drug, a class A misdemeanor, and possession of a controlled substance under one gram, a state jail felony offense. Boise posted a $4,500 bond on Aug. 7 and was fined $125.