The Glen Rose City Council voted Monday night to take several steps to move forward with preservation work at Oakdale Park, including the transfer of $200,000 from its certificates of obligation.

Councilman Chris Bryant asked if there was an itemized list for what the $200,000 would be used for.

Mainly, the money will be used for structures, City Secretary Peggy Bruce said. But Bryant said he wanted more information and an itemization of expenditures.

The council also approved the Preservation Board's ranking of historical architects and set a date of July 8 at 5:30 p.m. to meet with them. The highest ranking architectural firm on the board's list is Quimby McCoy Preservation Architecture of Dallas.

After the council meets with the principal architects, it may enter into negotiations with the firm for work on Oakdale Park.

During the time set aside for public comments, Jennifer Jimenez, who has been critical of the way the council handled the attempt to fire Darrell Webb, the city's chief code enforcement officer, for approving a commercial building design that wasn't in compliance with city ordinances, asked about the status of a search for a city administrator and whether there was an impeachment process to remove council members.

Mayor Pam Miller responded that the council has postponed hiring a city administrator. If the city wants to hire someone who is a city manager, it has to be put up for a public vote.

“Maybe we need to put it out for a vote and let the public decide,” she said.

There was no further discussion on the subject.

Miller referred the question about the process for removal of a council member from office to City Attorney Andrew Lucas. He said he was not able to answer that question.

 “Remember that we elected you guys and we want you guys to do the best of all of us,” Jimenez said.

In other action, the council approved setting a fee of $150 a day for groups and individuals that want to use or lease Beck Field for baseball tournaments.