Compiled by Managing Editor Kathryn Jones

This record package is presented as a public service by area law enforcement, public service agencies and the Glen Rose Reporter.

It is important to point out that simply because a person is arrested or accused of a crime, is present at a crime scene or is identified as a suspect in any printed report in no way indicates that a person is guilty of a criminal offense.

The Reporter prints every item of information compiled by participating law enforcement agencies. Any subsequent determination of guilt or innocence must be determined in a court of law.

Arrests from the Somervell County Jail Log follow:

Charles Dwayne Aylor, 38, of Amarillo was arrested June 15 for public intoxication.

Reginald Hawkins, 43, of Tyler was arrested June 20 for manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and theft of services between $20 and $500.

Alan Nathan Herring, 29,  of Meridian was arrested June 17 on a motion to revoke probation.

Phillip Grant Hickman, 39, of Glen Rose was arrested June 17 for a probation violation.

William Russell Lem, 32, of Granbury was arrested June 15 for driving while intoxicated.

Coleman Miles White, 19, of Glen Rose was arrested June 18 for forgery.