Special to the Reporter

Last week marked the first official day of summer on the calendar, but it has been summer here in Glen Rose for at least a month now. We will be celebrating Independence Day here at the center on Friday, July 2. The menu has been changed to hot dogs and (fingers crossed) we are going to try to make a couple of freezers of homemade ice cream.

    The Citizens Center will be closed on Monday, July 5, in honor of Independence Day. We will be back open on Tuesday, July 6. 

    If you haven’t tried Wii bowling with us yet, come on down. It’s too hot to be outside much and it is just like real bowling without the heavy ball. You’ll still get a little exercise; it’s just not as strenuous. We bowl at 10:30 a.m. every Monday and Wii also offers golf, tennis and baseball.

    Last week the group went into the fourth game with each player having won a game. Pauline Price bowled five strikes in a row and came out with a score of 215. Betty Campbell bowled four strikes in a row in the second game with a score of 212. The plays of the week, however, were when Alice Lance picked-up a 4,7-10 split and three frames later picked up the 10 and 6 pin of a 7-10,6 split.

    We would love to hear from anyone interested in a Tai Chi class and a walking club. These would take place after 5 p.m. and be held or started at the Citizens Center. We're sure there will be a small charge for the Tai Chi class taught by Rhonda Duffy.  We do not anticipate a charge for the walking club and we are looking for someone to lead it.  If you are interested in the classes or serving as a leader for the walking club, please give us a call at 897-2139 and ask for Pam. Both are sure to be interesting and healthful.

    Don’t forget our “Guess Who?” contest on July 14. Bring an old picture of yourself and try to stump everyone. It should be great fun seeing the pictures of everyone in their younger years with different hair colors and styles, past clothing styles and even some old cars showing c

    If you or someone you know is in need of medical equipment, please check with the Center before purchasing anything. We have a little of everything and will loan or give you the equipment as needed.

    Activities at the Citizens Center beginning on July 5 are: closed for Independence Day on Monday; needlework, ceramics and hearing screening on Tuesday; “42” Tournament, utility assistance and physical therapy talk with Clark Cole on Wednesday; exercise and David’s grocery shopping on Thursday; bingo, quilting and Brookshire’s grocery shopping on Friday. Besides the scheduled activities, there are “42” games, puzzles, quilting and visiting going on every day. 

    If there is an activity or outing you would like to see at the center, please feel free to make suggestions. Come join us.

    Don’t forget to visit our web site at www.glenrosesccoa.com for menus, activities, articles, links to other sites and lots of pictures.

    Menus for the week:

July 5

Closed for Fourth of July

July 6

Sauerkraut and wieners

Green peas

Tossed salad

Buttermilk pie


July 7

Barbecue chicken

Mashed potatoes

Green beans


Chocolate cake


July 8

Polish sausage


German potatoes


Banana pudding


July 9


Baked beans

Home fries