Special to the Reporter

Our early Fatherís Day celebration was held last Friday. The youngest father present was Carl Metker, 45, and the oldest was Grady May, 90. Carl and Grady tied for the most children, 5. Grady won for having the most grandchildren, 13, and the most great-grandchildren, 10. All of the fathers received a jar of pickles made by Jan Crume.††

The winnerís of last weekís ď42Ē tournament were 1st place Billie & Eddie Flanary, 2nd place James Kelley & Foy Mercer, 3rd place was a tie between the teams of Dortha Beck & Floyd Flanary and Loveda Swaim & Grady May, 4th place Clark Stewart and Don Baker.† The other teams participating were Cora Harkins & Zula Hunter, Ann Parham & Trey Welch, Dorothy Jo Osborn & Ila Verne Stull, Nancy Moore & Veda Gosdin, and Marcy Copell & Roger Jordan.† Mary Baker served as our ď42Ē tournament judge and we appreciate her so much.†

The Citizení s Center will be closed on Monday, July 5, in honor of Independence Day.† The Citizenís Center will be back open on Tuesday.

We would love to hear from anyone interested in a Tai Chi class and a walking club.† These would take place after 5 p.m. and be held or started at the Citizenís Center.† Iím sure there will be a small charge for the Tai Chi class taught by Rhonda Duffy.† We do not anticipate a charge for the walking club and are looking for someone to lead it.† If you are interested in the classes or serving as a leader for the walking club, please give us a call at 897-2139 and ask for Pam. Both are sure to be interesting and healthful.

Start looking for a picture of yourself to enter in our Guess Who contest on July 14. Itís only a month away so donít forget.

We have a trip scheduled to Hico for shopping and sightseeing on Saturday, June 26. If you would like to go, come by to sign up or call the Citizenís Center at 897-2139.† We may need some to drive their own cars and carpool, depending on the number going.

Activities at the Citizenís Center beginning on June 28th are: Wii games and exercise class on Monday; needlework and ceramics on Tuesday; anything you like on Wednesday; exercise and Davidís grocery shopping on Thursday; bingo, quilting,† a 4th of July celebration and Brookshireís grocery shopping on Friday.† Besides the scheduled activities, there are ď42Ē games, puzzles, quilting and visiting going on every day.† Come join us.

Donít forget to visit our Web site at www.glenrosesccoa.com for menus, activities, articles, links to other sites and lots of pictures.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Betty Gosdin and her family with the passing of her father, Bill Wardlow.

Get well wishes go out to Billy Paul Baker.

Menus for the week:

June 28 - Beef Stroganoff, Carrots, Garden Salad, Cornbread, Coconut Pie, Milk

June 29 - Turkey Salad Sandwich, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Crackers, Jello/Fruit, Milk

June 30 - Chicken Strips w/ Gravy, Mashed potatoes, Green Beans, Roll, Oatmeal Cake, Milk

July 1 - Pork Chop w/ Gravy, Wild Rice, Tossed Salad, Biscuit, Peach Cobbler, Milk

July 2 - Catfish, Pinto Beans, Coleslaw, Cookies, Milk