Texas native Laurie Jasinski will be at The Storibook Cafe on Saturday, Dec. 13, signing copies of her new book Dinosaur Highway: A History of Dinosaur Valley.

Dinosaur Highway winds through the history of the dinosaur tracks in Somervell County. Spanning from the time when dinosaurs prowled the area before extinction, and pausing in 1909 when Young George Adams made his discovery in the creek bed, on up to now with hoards of tourists.

Jasinski weaves together geological fact and history, and blends in local lore, photographs and stories from local dinosaur hunters. She even follows the battle of area residents who fought to make Dinosaur Valley a state park, ending the book with their victory.

Dinosaur Highway promises to appeal not only to those interested in local history, but to prehistoric aficionados and dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Copies of her companion CD, The Dinosaur Waltz, will be available as well. The CD is a whimsical song about Dinosaur Valley. Jasinski will also perform the song at the signing.

Jasinski has written other books, including Hill Country Backroads: Snowing the way in Comar County. She has also written for magazines, online publications and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. She lives in New Braunfels with her husband Gary Hickinbotham.