Only 13 more days till Christmas. Can you believe it is that close? I do not know where all those days of 2008 have gone, they flew by and it has been a great year.

Since Christmas is close, here’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Ms. Gabel’s Theater Arts Class at Walnut Springs ISD will present the “Hillbilly Christmas Carol” on Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. in the High School Auditorium. Be sure and bring a donation of money or a new toy to benefit the children on the Walnut Springs Angel Tree. After that, be sure to take your children to visit Santa Claus. He is making a special appearance at Whit’s Grocery Shak from 6 - 8 p.m. Dec. 20. This will also prove to be a wonderful experience, trust me on this.

Dave Keller got quite a surprise this month. A Veteran Administration Team came down and interviewed Keller with a camera and the whole works. The interview will be aired on the Internet next spring. During the interview he was awarded an American flag which was flown over the capital of the United States Aug. 21, displayed in a really nice wooden case along with a framed certificate of authenticity of the flag. He also received a very nice card signed by all the interview teams all over the United States, commending him for his service to his country. Chet Edwards requested this action because of his 24 years of service as an appointed County Service Officer through the Texan Veterans Commission. Back when Dave Keller was serving as Judge in Walnut Springs, Regina Hanson was the County Judge in Bosque County and appointed Dave to the position of County Service Officer in 1984, which by the way was all volunteer work. Congratulations to you Mr. Keller, you served us all well. Be sure you let us know when this comes out, so we can all look it up.

Skeeter Chappell has been in the Clifton Hospital this past week after surgery. We’re all thinking of you Skeeter and we hope your back home soon.

The Hornets are at it again, just blasting everyone. Last weekend the girls won the championship title at the Walnut Springs Basketball Tournament held here. This weekend they are playing in the Morgan Tournament and Friday evening they beat Morgan by several points. This puts them in the position to play for the championship Saturday. Here’s hoping they win this tournament also. Friday the Walnut Springs boys also were playing to go onto the Saturday championship game, but I don’t know the outcome of that game. These Hornets are doing great. Keep it up guys and gals. Come out and cheers these students on. They really put on a good show.

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