When shopping for your favorite gardener this holiday season, there are many choices available. Gloves are always a welcome gift. Leather gloves are especially good for heavy gardening as they are more resistant to thorns. Cloth and rubber combination gloves are good choices, also. They are more flexible and will protect hands. Gardening books or magazines are always welcome gifts, but try to select those written specifically about Texas gardening. They will be the most informative for the area. Hand garden tools are also a popular choice. Look for ergonomically designed hand tools as these help reduce fatigue while working in the garden. Other great gifts for your gardener is yard art, which includes topiary, pottery, wind chimes, bird feeders, houses and baths, and feeders for other garden critters. And donít forget the food for garden critters.

And last but not least - gift cards to your local garden center or nursery are also great gifts.