The Somervell County Food Bank got a much-needed delivery last week from the Glen Rose Independent School District’s food drive.

GRISD ground maintenance employees Gary Peterson and David Culp, and Bobby Pritchard, ground supervisor, brought boxes of canned food stacked on a long trailer.

Paul Harper, who runs the food bank, and Peter Gruber, a food bank volunteer, helped unload the boxes.

Harper said 165 people showed up to receive free food in May, down slightly from 208 in April, which tied a record.   

    “Many are out of work or have one job and are supporting four or more people,” Harper said.

    Canned food drives are “really important,” he added. The food bank also gets supplies from the North Texas Food Bank in Ford Worth, but sometimes it can’t get certain items.

    “We don’t get enough soups – or beans,” Harper said.

    The food bank goes through 2,000 to 6,000 pounds of food a week, he estimated.

    Recipients must fill out an application to qualify and also must show proof that they live in the county with a street address and not a post office box.