Glen Rose’s own Boy Scout Troop 725 really had a blast this year at the annual summer camp. Led by Senior Patrol Leader Sam Stegall and Assistant Scoutmasters Kent Barnes and Roland Stegall, the troop took a long and memorable adventure to the esteemed Worth Ranch Boy Scout Camp in Palo Pinto County.

This year, the adult leaders didn’t have to worry about the problems that usually come up with long bus rides since this camp was a short two hours away.

When the Scouts arrived, they were greeted by their troop guide, Greyson Bogle, who helped get the Scouts situated into their campgrounds and gave their leaders important information about the camp. After the Scouts got settled, they experienced the camp's food, which some of the older Scouts remarked after a previous camping experience there, that it was “some of the greatest food that they had eaten at a Scout camp.”

The Scouts then spent the rest of their week working on merit badges, while the younger ones spent their time working in “Hammer Patrol,” this camp’s program to jump-start younger Scouts on their journey to First Class. The camp provided a multitude of merit badges, from aquatics badges to climbing to Scout handicrafts.

If that wasn’t enough, the leaders got their chance to work through the BSA Lifeguard program, which is required by National Scouting Laws to allow Scouts to take part in aquatics activities outside the camp. Mike McGary was the only leader from our troop to make it all the way through the program and achieve the status of BSA Lifeguard.

The staff has been highly regarded by several of the troops at the camp, with Scouts from our troop getting to experience those qualities first-hand. Most troops responded with a positive effect from the staffers and how well they put on skits at the campfires and how well they taught their badges.

By the end of the week, most of the Scouts had finished their badges, and the younger Scouts who worked in “Hammer Patrol” had gotten all the way through the Tenderfoot Rank, halfway through Second Class and finished a few requirements in First Class. The Scouts worked hard throughout the week and then continued to finish working with perseverance until the entire camp was clean and the Troop could head out.

Before the Scouts made it all the way home, they decided to make a pit-stop at Carswell Joint-Reserve Base. There they took an in-depth tour of a C-130 airplane and got to learn about different careers in the Air Force, then snacked on sub sandwiches for lunch.

When they decided that they had enough airplane knowledge in them, the Scouts then went to the Burger’s Lake Water Park. The Scouts got to enjoy riding down water slides, jumping from trapezes and diving boards and playing sports like football, basketball, and tetherball (which we ended up breaking) for several hours while Scoutmaster Mike Brady cooked us delicious hamburgers and hot dogs before the Scouts completely tired out. After Burger’s Lake closed, the Scouts concluded their adventure and then parted ways after a long week of hard work and relaxation.