This is in response to Charley Thomas' letter to the editor published in the June 2 edition.

I had the pleasure of meeting Charley and his wife, Fran, a few years ago when I was invited to their house for a church social. Charley and Fran were members of Rainbow Baptist Church. They have a beautiful home and did a great job of entertaining. Charley and Fran seem to be wonderful Christian people.

The problem I have with Charley's  letter is that is very pessimistic, negative, rude and tacky. Those things come from Satan; good, positive, nice and appreciative things come from God. If Charley is claiming to be a good Baptist Christian, then what kind of example is he setting for people who are not Christians and not living close to God. A person such as this would take one look at Charley's letter and say, “If that is what a Christian is, then I do not want to be one.”

I myself am a Christian and try my best, as hard as it is to be an example of Jesus each and every moment of every day. My Bible tells me that we should pray for our leaders instead of ridiculing them. I am not crazy about our president, either, but I pray for the guy every day.

When I was a child, I can remember when a new baby was born and the mother was gleaming with pride, my father would say, “Every crow thinks theirs is the blackest!” Meaning no matter what the baby looked like the mother would think he or she was the most beautiful and wonderful baby in the world. I thought about that when I read Charley's letter. Did you ever think that maybe Pam Miller suggested her son because she thinks very highly of him and really felt in her heart that her son could do a good job for the city of Glen Rose? Maybe she thinks hers is the blackest?

Personally, I don't know Pam Miller. I did meet her one time and we visited briefly. Might I add that she did not have a hard time keeping her mouth shut and letting me talk and I am a big talker.

Charley Thomas, if you have a problem with Pam Miller, then go to talk to her about it and resolve it between the two of you. Don't use a newspaper to plaster your issue all over the county and make yourself look less of a man than you are.

Cindy Davis

Glen Rose