You once wrote “Where have the voters gone?” I'll ask you what good does it do? The voters voted down the 4-B tax because Oakdale Park was on the ballot. They took Oakdale off and it passed. They bought Oakdale anyway. Now look at their mess and what is it going to cost to clean it up?

The voters voted down the hospital tax and guess what? Our four (county) commissioners gave away nearly $14 million of our total money to it.

I've always been against the water district, but I pay taxes on it every year. I'll not live long enough to see a drop of it on my property. Now they are saying they are going to charge me to fish there. This doesn't seem quite fair.

This year the value of my home and land went down, but the amount of my taxes went up. I'm still trying to figure that out.

They all say it is for the good of Somervell County and the City of Glen Rose. I can see no good of any of this because all it does is cost the residents more money.

So again, I'll ask, “What good does it do to vote?” I'm 62 years old and know what is best for me, but our elected officials don't think so.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Bobby L. Williams

Walnut Springs

I am beginning to wonder about Bill Flores' judgment. First, he claims in a public debate in Waco that he voted for Rob Curnock in the 2008 general election, when the truth is he has never even once voted in a general election in our district.

Then, Mr. Flores proposes just a few months ago that there should be no federal nuclear loan guarantee program – a job-killing proposal that would stop over 5,000 good-paying construction jobs at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in our district.

Third, he criticizes Chet Edwards for Chet's active involvement in protecting Baylor University and the future of McLennan County in the Big 12 fight.

As they say in baseball, Mr. Flores, “three strikes and you're out.”

Maud Gibbs

Glen Rose