Last week we received a slick brochure from our slick Congressman, Chet Edwards.

He crows about why he voted against the Democrats' health care bill and has adopted his usual pre-election stance of trying to look like a Republican.

His reasons for voting “no” on the Health Care Bill are a copy of what Republicans said all along.

Please do not be confused—our district was without any representation during the entire period of debate on the bill while Chet sat silent on the subject. We deserve to be represented full-time by a real leader, not one who only speaks up on the day of the vote after Nancy Pelosi tells him how to vote.

She already had enough votes to pass the bill and would not need his vote.

We need full-time, involved representation that is influential – not someone who waits for the parade and jumps in front of it pretending he is a leader.

In addition, he shamelessly uses taxpayer money to pay for the preparation and the mailing cost of the brochure. I resent him using my tax money to help his political agenda!

Do not be deceived—Chet is a follower of his own self-interests.

Throw the rascal out and vote for a true representative for our district, Bill Flores!

Charley Thomas


This newspaper recently reported on a false charge made by my opponent. In this article, he falsely stated that I oppose expansion of the Comanche Peak power plant. This attack was a manipulative misuse of an answer I gave to a question about the expansion of nuclear power at a Tea Party event in February.

The bottom line is this – I HAVE ALWAYS supported the expansion of Comanche Peak! Also, due to the lack of a stable and comprehensive national energy policy, it is difficult to obtain financing for nuclear projects, thus I support the use of federal loan guarantees that make these projects possible in today’s unstable environment. Looking longer term, I would like to see an environment where federal guarantees will not be required for nuclear projects.

Expanding Comanche Peak is critically important for further energy generation here in Texas, and I support it. During personal visits with Somervell County officials in mid-May (before our incumbent’s false allegations), I expressed my strong support for the expansion of the Comanche Peak facility.

The chair of EFH/Luminant is also aware of my unequivocal support for this important project. I have long been a strong supporter for expanding the use of nuclear power for baseload electric power generation.

Perhaps our current Congressman can explain why the Democratic Congress has done virtually nothing to expand the use of nuclear power at a time when we critically need it?

Bill Flores


Republican Nominee for Congress (TX-17)