Senior scholarships total almost $2.4 million - The Glen Rose Reporter : Glen Rose High Senior scholarships total almost $2.4 million - The Glen Rose Reporter : Glen Rose High
  • August 3, 2015

Senior scholarships total almost $2.4 million - The Glen Rose Reporter : Glen Rose High

Senior scholarships total almost $2.4 million

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Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 3:54 pm

This year's 123 graduating seniors from Glen Rose High School collectively received scholarships of more than $2.37 million, surpassing last year's amount.

The total came to $2,379,182. Last year's high school graduating seniors received more than $2.26 million.

More scholarships may be awarded and some students may not have reported scholarships, so the dollar value could grow.

Scholarship recipients were honored at Friday's annual Senior Recognition Night. Weston Snow and Melissa Cook also were presented to the student body as the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the graduating class of 2012.

“The scholarships presented here this evening come from numerous sources,” GRHS Principal Tommy Corcoran said at Senior Recognition Night. “We are ever so grateful to those who have generously donated to the education of these young men and women.

“Tonight we have the opportunity to reward these’s seniors for their hard work over the years and to recognize them for their many accomplishments,” Corcoran added.

The Texas Education Agency provides each accredited high school with an Honor Graduate certificate to be presented to the highest-ranking graduate of the senior class. With this certificate is a declaration authorizing the president of any state-supported college or university to provide a scholarship for complete tuition for one year. The 2012 highest-ranking graduate is Weston Snow.

Next the high school recognized the top 10 percent of this year’s graduating class. Corcoran presented medallions to Melissa Cook, Weston Snow, Maria Ayala, Katie Betsill, Brannan Cockerham, Samantha Culpepper, Jaylan Dillard, Ashley Hess, Denver Hufstedler, Taylor Rhodes, Samantha Seitz and Oliver Thompson.

Each year about 1.3 million students enter the National Merit Scholarship Program from nearly 21,000 high schools nationwide. About 34,000 of the 50,000 highest scores in each annual National Merit Program are named Commended Students on the basis of a National Selection Index. This year, Melissa Cook, was named Commended Student in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Corcoran presented Melissa with a framed certificate.

Following is the list of scholarship winners provided by GRHS:

Ashleigh Stegall: Baylor University Dean’s Gold Scholarship – $5,000 renewable for four years; Baylor University Scholarship - $11,190 renewable for four year; Post 9-11 G.I. Bill - $15,750 renewable for two years; $1,350 monthly housing allowance; $1,000 yearly book allowance; Glen Rose Tiger Pride Band Booster Scholarship - $250

Savannah Hulsey: National FFA Scholarship - $1,000

Westley Pritchard: Schreiner University Mountaineer Scholarship - $3,500 renewable up to four years; Schreiner University Residential Award - $5,500 renewable up to four years

Macy Reynolds: University of North Texas Terry Scholarship - $10,000 renewable up to five years

Anna D’Angelo: Centenary College of Louisiana Dean’s Scholarship - $12,500 renewable up to four years

Samantha Culpepper: University of North Texas Distinguished Freshman Scholarship - $1,000; THECB Top 10 Percent Scholarship - $2,000; Texas Grant Initial - $5,000; University of North Texas Tuition Grant - $2,000; University of North Texas Emerald Eagle Scholar - $36,312

Weston Snow: Baylor University President’s Gold Scholarship - $56,000; Southern Methodist University Provost Scholarship - $48,000; Robert Morris University Faculty Scholarship Award - $40,000; Southern Methodist University Engineering Fellows Scholar - $20,000

Davin Grabowski: DeVry Presidential Scholarship - $32,500

Ian Valdez: Comanche Nations Scholarship - $24,000

Payton Downing: Southwestern University Pirate Award - $26,000

Caleb Williams: San Angelo Stock Show Breed Champion - $1,000

Sydnee Bybee: Baylor University Merit Scholarship - $50,000; Barry University Academic Scholarship - $62,000; Angelo State University Carr Fellow Scholarship - $3,000; Baylor University Provost’s Gold Scholarship - $50,000; The King’s College, NYC Academic Scholarship - $60,000

Melissa Cook: Glen Rose High School Tiger Pride Band Booster Scholarship - $250; University of Texas at Austin Tuition Grant - $5,700; State Top 10 Percent Scholarship - $2,000; Roger Q. Mills Scholarship - $5,000; Ralph R. Nelson Scholarship - $5,000

Hannah Ukle: Dallas Baptist University Christian Leadership Scholarship - $10,000

Samantha Seitz: Stephen F. Austin State University Academic Excellence Scholarship - $12,000; Glen Rose High School Tiger Pride Band Booster Scholarship - $250

Ashley Hess: Louis and Josie Belle Merrill Scholarship - $850

Megan Duren: Lubbock Christian University Academic Scholarship - $22,500; Lubbock Christian University Ambassador Scholarship - $5,000; Glen Rose High School Tiger Pride Band Booster Scholarship - $250; Lubbock Christian University Music Scholarship - $10,000; Lubbock Christian Praise Choir Scholarship - $2,500

Jakub Lucas: Herman DeVry Scholarship - $18,000

Mary Stegall: Baylor University Dean’s Gold Scholarship - $8,500 renewable for four years; Baylor University Scholarship - $11,000 renewable for four years; Post 9-11 G.I. Bill - $15,750 renewable for two years; $1,350 monthly housing allowance; $1,000 yearly book allowance.

Brady Burns: St. Rosa of Lima Catholic Church Academic Essay Scolarship - $200

Shelby Tankersley: Ranger College Softball Scholarship - $3,000

Ariana Barrios: St. Rosa of Lima Catholic Church Academic Essay Scholarship - $200

Roxie Ruiz: St. Rosa of Lima Catholic Church Academic Essay Scholarship - $200

Jasmin Rodriguez: University of North Texas Honorary Scholarship - $2,000

Camella Lang: The Napier Scholarship - $500

Samantha Seitz: New Prospect Baptist Church - $300

Maria Ayala: B.F. Banister Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Sam Sinclair: Glen Rose Antique Tractor and Machinery Club - $250; Imagine America - $1,000; Chris McFadin Memorial Scholarship - $900; Texas Heat Scholarship - $500; Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $100

Savannah Hulsey: Marilyn Phillips Germania Insurance Community Service Scholarship - $250

Cassi Nettleton: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100

Oliver Thompson: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100

Ashleigh Stegall: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100

Anna D’Angelo: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100; Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $50

Mary Stegall: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100

Clayton Tubbs: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100

Barbara Krueger: Sunrise Properties & Marilyn Phillips Insurance – Numerous - $100; Lois McCarty Memorial Scholarship given to the Outstanding PIE student for 2012 - $300

Jasmin Rodriguez: Sunrise Properties Educational Scholarship - $250; Shannon McManus Calkins Honorary Scholarship - $100

Melissa Cook: Jack McCarty Memorial Scholarship given to the highest English 4 Dual

Student for 2012 - $300; Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $100

Reyes Chavez: Harold J. Buzan Memorial Rodeo Scholarship - $200

Taylor Rhodes: Patsy Flanary Memorial Scholarship - $200; Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $100; Cheryl Bullion Memorial Scholarship - $250

Jakub Lucas: Texas Heat Scholarship - $500

Samantha Culpepper: Whitt Family Library Scholarship - $250

Jenny Jones: Earl J. Davis Memorial Scholarship - $200; Brandy Nash Memorial Scholarship given to the outstanding FFA student for 2012 - $100

Amanda Adams: Rainbow Baptist Church - $100

Anna Frye: Rainbow Baptist Church - $100

Macy Reynolds: Rainbow Baptist Church - $100; Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $50

Hunter Gass: Anonymous Scholarship - $250

Zach Perez: Anonymous Scholarship - $250

Adam Grumbles: AnonymousScholarship - $250

Sydnee Bybee: Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $100; Weldon B. Hart Social Studies Scholarship - $1,000

Jessie Nystel: Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $100

Morgan Bruce: Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $50

Ian Valdez: Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $50

Ashley Hess: Glen Rose Garden Club - $100

Rachel Walls: Barry Miller Scholarship Fund - $50

Special memorial scholarships:

Presenting the Alvin West Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $100 each to Brittan Sanderson and Tanna Wasilchak was Patricia West and family. Brittan and Tanna also received a memorial white rose.

The Unimin Corp. Scholarship in memory of Danny Thompson in the amount of $1,000 was awarded to Jaylan Dillard. Candy McClure and Wendy Homrighaus, Danny’s daughters made the presentation. Danny believed in hard work and valued education. Through this scholarship, the Unimin Corp. will continue to help others strive for higher education.

Barbara Krueger received the Educational Scholarship in memory of Vernon Bohach, sponsored by the Glen Rose Optimist Club. Presenting this $500 scholarship was GRISD Superintendent Wayne Rotan.

Brady Burns was presented the Glen Rose Optimist Club Fine Arts Scholarship given in memory of Bill Starnes carrying the Optimist Club’s motto: “Friend to Youth.” Wayne Rotan presented this $500 scholarship.

Rotan also presented Jaylan Dillard the Medical Scholarship, in memory of Roger Marks and sponsored by the Glen Rose Optimist Club, in the amount of $500.

Each month the Glen Rose Optimist club recognizes two seniors as Optimist Students of the Month. Students are selected based on academic performance, citizenship, extra-curricular activity participation and service to our community. These scholarships are named after Optimist Club members Joe D. Geisweidt and Kevin Taylor, who have organized the Optimist Student of the Month for many years.

Receiving the Joe D. Geisweidt Optimist Club Scholarship in the amount of $500 was Taylor Rhodes, and receiving the Kevin Taylor Optimist Club Scholarship in the amount of $500 was Oliver Thompson. Wayne Rotan made these presentations.

The Glen Rose Optimist Agriculture Logan Starnes Scholarship was given to a senior going into an agriculture related occupation, hoping to make a difference in the global agriculture food, fiber and natural resource systems. Wayne Rotan presented Savannah Hulsey with a $500 scholarship.

The R.C. Leach Outstanding Athlete Scholarship in memory of R. C. Leach, former superintendent of Glen Rose ISD, was presented to Taylor Rhodes in the amount of $1,000. Making this presentation was Wayne Rotan.

The GRISD Scholarship, given by the law firm of Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, L.L.P., helps students reach their educational dreams. Seniors were selected based on merit and received $500 scholarships presented by Rotan: Maria Ayala, Melissa Cook and Jaylan Dillard.

The J.M. McCroskey Memorial Scholarship funded by Somervell County Citizens Association was presented in memory of J.M. McCroskey who se,rved as superintendent of Glen Rose ISD for many years. This scholarship for $1,000 was presented to Jasmin Rodriguez by Betty Ann McCroskey.

The Art Scholarship funded by Somervell County Citizens Association and presented by Betty Ann McCroskey was awarded to Brady Burns in the amount of $500.

Morgan Bruce, Barbara Krueger, Cameron Reeves, Jasmin Rodriguez and Roxanna Ruiz received the Glen Rose Food Service Association Scholarship in the amount of $100 each. Making these presentations was Dawn Foos.

The Crystal Plaster “Good Neighbor Grant” was awarded to Savannah Husley and Tatiana Wood in the amount of $500 each. Therecipients have demonstrated active community involvement above and beyond expectations. Corcoran presented these scholarships to “outstanding youths of our future.”

WIT, or Workforce in Training, is a new program at Glen Rose High School in partnership with the Nuclear Power Institute, Texas A&M and Luminant. Its members share a passion for science, technology, engineering and math. They learn about career and educational opportunities in these fields by visiting industry sites, universities and hosting guest speakers.

On Senior Recognition Night WIN, or Women in Engineering, from the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant awarded one female WIT member who plans on majoring in a STEM field, a $500 scholarship. Making this presentation to Jasmin Rodriguez was Doug Olgetree, faculty sponsor of WIT.

Also in its first year, POWER SET which stands for Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science Engineering and Technology, is the sister program to WIT. Also partnered with the Nuclear Power Institute, Texas A&M and Luminant, POWER SET members visit various universities, industry sites and mentor younger students as well.

One of the goals of POWER SET is to keep highly qualified young women in the STEM fields. Its members must maintain a 3.5 GPA, have a commended TAKS score in math or science, and must take at least two college level classes each year. WIN, Women in Engineering, from the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant awarded one POWER SET member who plans on majoring in a STEM field, a $500 scholarship. Reci Brooks, faculty sponsor of POWER SET, made this presentation to Ariana Barrios.

A new scholarship this year is being given in memory of Ms. Jackie Drake. She was a substitute for the Glen Rose School District for 20 years. She absolutely loved each and every student she came in contact with. Ms. Jackie met everyone with a smile and went out of her way to make each student feel special.

She realized the value of having an education and encouraged all students to pursue their dreams of the future by attaining a higher education. She placed great emphasis on having faith and she believed it was needed when pursuing goals and facing an uncertain future. She was excited when she met a student who exhibited a devoted faith. So, in memory of her, the Drake family would like to recognize and encourage a devoted Christian who has set an amazing example living a faith based life. Presenting this $500 scholarship to Hannah Ukle was Pam Burkhart, Ms. Jackie’s daughter.

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Conservation was proud to present a scholarship to a deserving senior. “This area is blessed with natural beauty and resources that make it a jewel as a community and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is proud to be a part of it,” Dr. Pat Condy, Fossil Rim's executive director, said in presenting the scholarship. Receiving the $3,000 scholarship was Brittan Sanderson.

The Condy Family Scholarship was awarded to Katie Betsill in the amount of $100. This scholarship was given to a student who plans to continue their education in the field of natural science. Dr. Condy made this presentation.

The LDL Educational Resource Foundation adds a great deal of support to the students at Glen Rose ISD and to the Glen Rose community. Leta Yocham and Dorothy Lewis generously awarded each of the following seniors a $500 scholarship: Amanda Adams, Maria Ayala, Melissa Cook, Brian Copeland, Davin Grabowski, Isaac Grabowski, Chris Guinn, Jessica Nystel, Zach Perez, Jasmin Rodriguez, Weston Snow and Shelby Tankersley.

The Jeff Crane Memorial Scholarship, given by The Crane Family through LDL, was awarded to Bernardo Delgado in the amount of $500. Jeff was a Glen Rose graduate who loved his community was a true friend, loving husband and had abiding faith in God. Leta Yocham and Dorothy Lewis made this presentation.

The Lake Granbury Medical Center awarded a $500 scholarship to a senior who by choosing the medical field will impact families, individuals and entire communities. Corcoran presented this scholarship to Maria Ayala.

The Lake Granbury Medical Civic Scholarship was given to a senior who has chosen a career of service. Presenting this $250 scholarship to Ashleigh Stegall was Mr. Corcoran.

The Maurice English Honorary Scholarship is given to honor Mr. English for over 52 years of dedication to education, serving the last 16 years as a college administrator at Hill College. Sponsored by the Glen Rose Lions Club, it is funded by Hill College in the amount of $1,000. This year’s recipient was Barbara Krueger, who plans on attending Hill College in the fall. Maurice English made this presentation.

A new scholarship this year, the Maurice and Ginger English Scholarship, in the amount of $200 is being awarded to Taylor Rhodes in honor of her grandmother, Sharlin Sifford. Maurice and Ginger are educators with 80 years of experience between them. They are very involved in the Glen Rose Community and enjoy all activities at Glen Rose High School, where one may see them cheering on the team from the stands. Mr. and Mrs. English feel that education is an important tool for our leaders of tomorrow. Making this presentation was Ginger English.

The Glen Rose Lions Club International presented five $1,000 scholarshps to the following seniors: Maria Ayala, Melissa Cook, Cassi Nettleton, Weston Snow and Quian Ying (Tina) Zhuang. Linda Rowe made these presentations.

The Dr. Roger E. Marks Health Care Foundation presented two $1,000 scholarships to Macy Reynolds and Jasmin Rodriguez “based upon their plans to pursue their career goals and further education in the field of health care and their active involvement in their school and community, as well as their academic achievements.” The foundation was represented by Jesse K. Pruitt, who presented the scholarships.

Since his graduation from Glen Rose High School and Texas Tech University on an athletic scholarship, Pruitt has presented a scholarship each year to a deserving senior. In his 30th year of making this presentation, Mr. Pruitt awarded one $3,000 scholarship to Brittan Sanderson, who has excelled in athletics, academics and leadership. Brittan also received a plaque.

Jesse Pruitt also honors a teacher each year who is chosen by the faculty and students at Glen Rose High School for his/her service above and beyond the call of duty for the students. This award is called the “Keeper of the Dream.” This year’s recipient, Wendy Thompson, was presented a check for $500. Mr. Pruitt also presented her with a plaque.

The Honey and R.J. Bell Memorial Scholarship was given by two of their grandsons, Stephen and Brian Windham. Stephen presented Megan Duren with a $200 scholarship. Honey and R.J. enjoyed watching Brian play Tiger football and Stephen perform in the Tiger Pride Band.

The Bonnie Elaine Tompkins Memorial Scholarship was presented to Rachel Walls. Bonnie graduated from Granbury High School in 1995 and Saint Edwards University in 1998. She lost her life in a car accident at the age of 24. With this $500 scholarship, may Bonnie’s love of agriculture continue to grow.

Hammond’s BBQ is presented two $500 scholarships to Jenny Jones and Taylor Rhodes. Making these presentations was Larry Higgins.

The Glen Rose Masonic Lodge Number 525 presented scholarships to Barbara Krueger and Clayton Tubbs. The Masonic Lodge was charted in December 1880 and has served Glen Rose and Somervell County continuously since then. Donating monies for this scholarship are R.C. and Elaine McFall. Masons have always supported public education and teaches that each person has a responsibility to make things better in the world. Presenting these $500 scholarships was Larry Higgins.

The Rhett Butler Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is being given in the memory of Corporal Rhett Butler. Rhett graduated from Glen Rose High School in 2003 and later joined the U.S. Army. Rhett was killed in action after only being in Iraq just over three months.This year’s recipient is Tatiana Wood, who understands the importance of freedom and that it does not come without a price. Dr. David Butler and Melissa Ganer made this presentation.

Chris Paulsen honored one senior who will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall by presenting the Maleen Paulsen Memorial Scholarship to Weston Snow in the amount of $500.

Tommy Corcoran presented Maria Ayala, Melissa Cook and Taylor Rhodes with the John and Frances Wasilchak Scholarship in the amount of $5,000 each, renewable for three additional years. In addition, after graduation, students may be considered for an additional scholarship at graduate level studies. This scholarship is donated by John and Frances Wasilchak Fund at the Community Foundation of North Texas to help further the education of deserving students based on merit, scholarship and citizenship.

Oliver Thompson received the Glen Rose Chapter Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship in the amount of $500. Brad Nickels made this presentation.

The Paul B. Schuelke Athletic Scholarship was given in memory of Coach Paul Schuelke. Schuelke coached in Glen Rose from 1958 to 1991 and served as the Athletic Director/Head Coach from 1962 to 1981. Throughout the three decades that Schuelke coached, he helped countless student athletes develop strong character through academics and sports. Presenting three $500 scholarships to Jaylan Dillard, Macy Reynolds and Taylor Rhodes was Coach Sam Schuelke, Paul’s grandson, and Aubrey Schuelke, Paul’s great-granddaughter.

The Harley Sinclair Memorial Baseball Scholarship was awarded to two deserving seniors. Harley was a 2006 graduate of Glen Rose High School where he played baseball for four years. This scholarship is intended to provide financial support to seniors who possesses the qualities Harley exemplified. Presenting Clayton Tubbs and Westley Pritchard with a $200 scholarship each were Angie Sinclair and Harley’s son Jadon.

Barbara Krueger received the Farmers Insurance Kelley Agency Scholarship in the amount of $250. he Kelleys believe in the importance of nurturing the promising youth of this community. Making this presentation was Marilyn Kelley.

The Lisa Schmidt Memorial Student Scholarship was awarded to a senior who has struggled to break the English language barrier. Lisa passed away in July 2009, and the loss of her as a teacher, a mentor and a friend is something many struggle with. By awarding this $1,000 scholarship to Tina Zhuang, Lisa’s legacy and her love for students will continue. Dr. Paul Schmidt made this presentation.

The Glen Rose FFA Alumni awarded three $1,300 scholarships to the following seniors: Savannah Hulsey, Jenny Jones and Caleb Williams. J.R. Jones made these presentations.

The Carla Jones Memorial Scholarship is being given in memory of Carla Jones. Upon moving to Glen Rose in 1998, she became involved in the community, GRISD and the First United Methodist Church, to only name a few that were touched by her. Carla’s absolute passion was the Tiger Pride Band where she became a member of the Band Boosters, supporting all of their activities and competitions.

This scholarship was established by Tracy Byers and Molly Golson. Their intention is to award this scholarship for the next (41) years to a graduating senior at Glen Rose High School who has been a member of the Tiger Pride Band in memory of Carla’s life, her dedication to her family, her love of God and her support of the Glen Rose community where her memory will live on forever. J.R. Jones presented Samantha Culpepper with this $1,000 scholarship.

This year, they also awarded the following seniors with a $250 scholarship each: Ashleigh Stegall, Mary Stegall and Megan Duren.

The Glen Rose UIL Academic Scholarship was presented to Melissa Cook for her distinguished contributions to the UIL Program. Awarding this $500 scholarship was Connie McCormick.

The Glen Rose Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation presented Macy Reynolds with a $250 scholarship. Clark Cole made this presentation

The Helen Webb Memorial Band Scholarship in the amount of $250 was given to Samantha Culpepper. Helen was an ardent supporter of the Glen Rose High School and the Tiger Pride Band.

The Local Chapter of the Association of the Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) awarded several scholarships. The $200 recipients were Melissa Cook, Jaylan Dillard, Teryl Dunn, Davin Grabowski, Isaac Grabowski and Macy Reynolds. Anne Glass, vice president of the local ATPE Chapter, made these presentations.

Ms. Glass also presented fifth-ranked Denver Hufstedler and sixth-ranked Ashley Hess with a $250 scholarship.

SRO Mike Reynolds, representing the Somervell County Crime Stoppers, awarded Sydnee Bybee with a $500 scholarship. Sydnee has chosen a career of service, hoping to make a better tomorrow.

The Tiger Card Athletic Scholarship was awarded to Drew Bumpas, Jaylan Dillard and Taylor Rhodes. Recipients for this award must have participated in athletics for three years and submitted an essay describing how athletics has impacted their lives. Money for this scholarship is provided from the sale of Tiger Cards, an annual fund aiser held by the Glen Rose Athletic Department. Presenting these $750 scholarships was Tommy Corcoran.

Glen Rose Discount Drug presented Brittan Sanderson with a $300 scholarship. Tommy Corcoran made this presentation.

This year’s Office Service Scholarship was awarded to Taylor Rhodes for her positive attitude and her willingness to help others. Presenting this award in the amount of $100 was Tommy Corcoran.

The XI PHI PI awarded two $200 scholarships to Denver Hufstedler and Jakub Lucas. Tammy Ray and Jennifer Hufstedler presented each of the seniors their scholarship along with a yellow rose.

Texas Laureate Iota Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority presented four $100 scholarships to Savannah Hulsey, Macy Reynolds, Fisher Rinderknecht and Brittan Sanderson. Each recipient also was given a yellow rose.

The Debbie Vineyard Memorial Scholarship was presented to Taylor Rhodes in the amount of $150. Debbie had a love for animals and was very talented in art and music. Presenting this scholarship was Pat Windham.

The Denise Lounsberry Band Booster Scholarship is being given in honor of Denise’s unconditional love for the Tiger Pride Band, her hard work and dedication. The Band Boosters presented the third annual Denise Lounsberry Band Booster Scholarship in the amount of $500 to Fisher Rinderknecht. Ray Portillo made this presentation.

Kathy Roberts, Sharon Patton, Lynda McKinnon and Charli Pankhurst, representing American State Bank, presented Ariana Barrios, Brady Burns, Melissa Cook, Samantha Culpepper, Ashley Hess and Taylor Rhodes with a $250 scholarship each.

The recipients of the Nick Conte Tennis Scholarship in the amount of $150 each were Morgan Bruce, Drew Bumpas, Brady Burns, Anna D’Angelo,and Macy Reynolds.

First Financial Bank awarded Valedictorian Weston Snow a $300 scholarship; Salutatorian Melissa Cook a $200 scholarship; the third-ranked senior, Oliver Thompson, a $150 scholarship; the fourth-ranked senior, Samantha Seitz ,a $150 scholarship; and the fifth-ranked senior, Denver Hufstedler, a $100 scholarship.

The Cindy Layton Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Brittan Sanderson by those who love and respect her. Cindy had been a nursing professional for many years and was highly respected by patients, families and her peers. This scholarship is given to a student with plans to enter nursing and has a strong desire to help. Kim Gass presented Brittan with a $200 scholarship.

The following students are being recognized by the University Interscholastic League for being in the top 10 percent of the 2012 graduating class and who have also participated in at least one UIL activity during their high school years. These recipients are: Maria Ayala, Katie Betsill, Brannan Cockerham, Melissa Cook, Jaylan Dillard, Ashley Hess, Denver Hufstedler, Taylor Rhodes, Samantha Seitz, Weston Snow and Oliver Thompson.

The Cliff May and Family Scholarship was presented to a senior who has shown leadership, character and the drive to dream for tomorrow. Presenting this $1,000 scholarship to Amanda Adams wasTommy Corcoran.

A new scholarship, the Glen Rose Veterinary Clinic Scholarship, is being awarded to two very deserving seniors. This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to graduates for the purpose of a higher education at a college, university or technical school. Presenting Clayton Tubbs and Brittan Sanderson with a $150 scholarship each was Amanda Box.

Presenting 20 scholarships was the Glen Rose Athletic Booster Club in the amount of $100 each to the following seniors: Brittan Sanderson, Jesus Aguilar, Katie Betsill, Drew Bumpas, Anna D’Angelo, Jaylan Dillard, Payton Downing, Teryl Dunn, Camella Lang, Tyler Linderman, Ben Munguia, Zach Perez, Westley Pritchard, Macy Reynolds, Taylor Rhodes, Roxana Ruiz, Ian Valdez, A.J. Vaughn, Tatiana Wood and Paige Womack. Amanda Box made these presentations.

This year’s recipient of the David Payne Memorial Scholarship was Maria Ayala. Although David was only with us for a short time, he touched many lives in this community through his remarkable people skills, his generosity and his unwavering faith. Presenting Maria with a $500 scholarship was Tommy Corcoran.

Sydnee Bybee, Savannah Hulsey, Jenny Jones, Patrick Magee, Jessie Nystel, Taylor Rhodes, Shelby Tankersley, Brittan Sanderson, Ashleigh Stegall, Mary Stegall, Ian Valdez, and Tanna Wasilchak received the Wilson Loper Memorial Scholarship presented by the First United Methodist Church. Making these presentations was Melissa Strom, associate pastor/youth director of First United Methodist Church.

Shattered Dreams is a GRISD/Community State Program to help students make better choices and not drink and drive. The participants also competed in an essay contest. Angie Robertson presented Maria Ayala with a $500 scholarship, Melisssa Cook with a $1,000 scholarship and Taylor Rhodes with a $500 scholarship. Monies for these scholarships are funded by donations from the community, businesses, organizations and individuals.

Through GRHS's Concurrent Enrollment Program with Hill College and after completing 128 hours of course studies, Reyes Chavez and Brandon Walker were presented with a certificate that certifies them to become welder’s assistants.

A new scholarship, the David Payne Christian Scholarship, was given in memory of David Payne, a 2003 graduate of Glen Rose High School. Everyone who came into David’s life was touched by his unwavering faith, positive attitude and his desire to make a difference. Awarding this $250 scholarship to Hannah Ukle wasTommy Corcoran.

Another new scholarship, the Bill Mullen Memorial Scholarship, was given in memory of Mr. Mullen. He graduated from Glen Rose High School in 1959, was the football manager, member of FFA, heart throb nominee,and voted most friendly. In the late 60s, he started Mullen Wrecker Service and it was through this business that cars were provided for the Shattered Dreams Program. He has contributed to numerous high school organizations and was a valuable member of this community. Presenting this $500 scholarship to Sam Sinclair was Tommy Corcoran.

Lake Granbury Texas X’s awarded a $1,500 scholarship to a deserving senior who plans to attend the University of Texas in Austin. This organization was established more than two years ago and only awards two scholarships from the surrounding Granbury area. Each applicant’s application is reviewed thoroughly and the finalists are notified that they have advanced to the next level, going before the interview committee. Katie Betill is this year’s recipient. Suzie Kent and Ms. Cloud made this presentation.

Next, Ariana Barrios, Drew Bumpas, Cody Cagle, Bernardo Delgado, Anna Frye, James Lewis, Jakub Lucas, Luis Ponce, Brittan Sanderson, Edna Serna, Clayton Tubbs and Meagan Whipps wanted to honor their teacher from the 1999-2000 school year and recognize the amazing journey they have traveled together. This kindergarten class started with 18 students, 13 of them who appeared on the stage together. From their teacher, they learned many valuable lessons, such as how to handle the pressures of kindergarten, what rules were, the meaning of sharing, the values of reading, writing, counting, respect and being creative.

“The students of the graduating class of 2012 would like you to know how much they appreciate your hard work, your dedication to all of your students and the tools you gave them to achieve this very moment,” the students said. They then called Julie Oliver-Hinds to the stage.

“We congratulate you on your 13 years of teaching and the many lives you have touched,” the students said. Representing the class of 2012, Barbara Krueger presented Mrs. Hinds with a plaque and photo book of memories.

Sgt. Matthew L. Howard, representing the U.S. Marine Corps made the next presentation Thomas Simpson will leave for Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego on June 11. He will receive the post 9/11 Bill, which will pay 100 percent of his college tuition.

Private William Stepp and Private Tatiana Wood each will receive $82,100 toward their college education. These students have already begun to fulfill their four-year obligations to the U.S. Army Reserves.

Tori Hamilton has enlisted in the U.S. Army for six years as a Chinook helicopter Rrepairer and received $74,000 toward college.

Emory Glover has enlisted in the U.S. Army for three years as a food operations specialist and received $60,500 toward college.

Shane Washburn will be entering the U.S. Air Force on July 3 and will be receive educational benefits totaling $149,000.

Seth Thompson has enlisted in the U.S. Navy and will be receive $101,396 towards college and a starting pay of $49,741

Edna Serna will be receive $101,396 towards college and a starting pay of $49,741 through the U.S. Navy.

Emily Herring has enlisted in the U.S. Navy and will be receive $101,396 towards college and a starting pay of $49,741

Representing the Texas Army National Guard, Staff Sgt. Ryan Alexander awarded Chase Harton and Jakub Lucas with an educational package in the amount of $84,494 each. These two young men have already started fulfilling their obligations to the Texas Army National Guard.

The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services is awarding $89,701.

An additional $20,000 in scholarships was awarded the night of Project Graduation.


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