Tigers were everywhere on the football field last Saturday, as the Glen Rose Tigers hosted the Hico Tigers in a scrimmage.

Glen Rose used the opportunity to prepare for the season, but new Head Coach Tommy Dunn used his scrimmage time carefully.

“We low-keyed this scrimmage. We didn’t want to be our best,” said Dunn. “We want to be at a point where we can improve. Mission accomplished.”

Glen Rose still looked very impressive, despite its best efforts to stay “low-key.”

The defense looked good early on, shutting down Hico’s slew of running backs, but as time wore on the defense saw its weaknesses exposed.

“When we were fresh, we did what we were supposed to do, we read our keys,” said Dunn. “When we got a little tired, we didn’t have the fundamentals we needed to have. They have good backs and they do a great job of blocking, and that’s a credit to them.”

A few key players were able to find the end zone in the contest. Quarterback Derek Thompson tossed two passes for touchdowns on 10-14 passing. Taylor Nabours was on the receiving end of a 70-yard TD pass while sophomore Chase Evatt reeled in another from 16 yards out.

Evatt also made an impact on the defensive side of the ball, picking off the second string Hico QB twice.

“We’ve known Chase (Evatt) was going to be a good player and it’s just nice to see him in action and prove what we thought,” said Dunn.

All of the Tigers saw action at various positions in Saturday’s tune-up against the other Tigers, and Glen Rose will travel to Lampasas on Friday for another warm-up session before kicking off the regular season.