The slate of candidates has been drawn for the upcoming Glen Rose city council election, and those seeking office have been asked by the Reporter to answer five questions to allow citizens the opportunity to get to know them.

Before voters head to the polls, beginning April 28 for the early voting period, and on Saturday, May 10 for election day, we would like to present the candidates to our readers.

Each candidate’s response to the following questions appear below:

1). What prompted you to sign up as a candidate for Glen Rose city council?

2). What do you feel are the two most important issues facing the city of Glen Rose, and why?

3). If elected, what would be your first order of business to bring to the council for consideration, and why?

4). What local civic or community organizations are you involved in (past and present)? List any leadership roles you have assumed in those organizations/committees.

5). Among the field of candidates, what sets you apart from the others? Why do you feel you would make a better city councilor?

Kim Cecil

1). “A lot of encouragement from some important people.”

2). “Growth. The city is growing too fast and I’m concerned about Glen Rose keeping its small town charm. It’s important we plan for the future while preserving the past and rich history of Glen Rose.”

3). “Cross walks for the downtown square to prevent more people from being injured and to help the businesses on the square to better accommodate foot traffic.”

4). “I currently serve as president of Glen Rose Downtown Association and have been involved with festivals and the GRDA for four years. I also have served on the Preservation Board for two years and am involved with the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce.”

5). “I can bring a fresh, young outlook to the city council. I’m active in the community, a business owner and I’m passionate about Glen Rose.”

Dianne Gruber

1). “I started going to the city council meetings a year ago to learn more about what was going on in the community. I have served on city council before in another city similar in size to Glen Rose and have always had an interest in city politics. During this past year I have only missed one or two of the meetings. I have found the city council meetings to be both reassuring and concerning as to the challenges ahead.”

2). “Glen Rose is a unique town with much to offer its citizens and visitors alike. Because of our proximity to Fort Worth and Granbury growth is spreading this way. I believe that we do not want to become just another sprawl city without checks and balances in place. Some of the county residents have asked to become a part of the city proper. In order to accommodate them, the city had to annex those areas into the city. Annexation will bring with it some very positive aspects. It is my understanding that once Glen Rose reaches a population base of 5,000, there may be some “home rule” advantages that will give the city a greater voice in how tax dollars are spent. The city will need to be prepared for these changes as well as the changes that will be required for the provision of additional city services to accommodate the growth.”

3). “I would like to have a review of all the city ordinances concerning the inevitable growth that is happening. Glen Rose is a unique city with country charm, that is why many people have stayed here and many others want to move here. We need to make sure that we are not caught off-guard as more developers come knocking at our doors. As the growth comes, I would like us to be prepared so we can maintain our charm and uniqueness. As another high priority, I would like us to review ways that we might accommodate Glen Rose in becoming even more of a tourist destination.”

4). “Presently I am a member of the Downtown Association, the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Granbury Art Association, the Somervell Historical Foundation, and the American Legion Post 462, (I was a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force). My husband and I are very active in the Methodist Church here in Glen Rose. I have been a worship leader numerous times and now serve as the Worship Ministry Chairperson.”

5). “Prior to moving to Glen Rose I was elected two terms on city council in a city similar in size to Glen Rose and served on many committees in that capacity. I have been to most of the council meetings this past year. I think that if you want to be on the council a person should attend the meetings ahead of time to be aware of how the city operates. I have also worked for a city of approximately 50,000-plus as a criminal court manager, and in my career I have worked in other managerial positions. I believe that I could bring some new insights and ideas to the council and would welcome the opportunity to serve the Glen Rose community.”

Jennifer Miller

1). “I let my toddler play in the front yard. I have been known to leave my car doors unlocked. I take a daily walk in the park without ever feeling scared. I never leave the grocery store without having stopped and chatted with a neighbor, friend or family member. These are the reasons I love Glen Rose and make it my home. I want the opportunity to help lead this community in decisions that will be beneficial now, and in the future, which protect our citizens, our natural resources and our economy. My family has a history of public service and I would like to continue that tradition.”

2). “The two most important issues facing the city of Glen Rose are growth and maintaining the small town community we currently have. The city of Glen Rose is facing some monumental tasks. We must somehow manage the inevitable growth of our city and county while preserving the charming and safe community that attracts people to Glen Rose. Granbury is fast approaching, trying to annex land into their city limits, and Glen Rose must respond in a way that both protects Somervell County and benefits those citizens and landowners whose land is being affected. The city’s infrastructure will be stressed as the city continues to grow. Although this growth can be a blessing, it must be managed with responsible planning, always striving to prepare for the future and meet the needs of the community now.”

3). “I am not seeking this position because I have an agenda. However, I believe in fiscal responsibility, preservation of the moral character of our community and responsible growth management.”

4). “I am currently the chairperson of the city’s board of adjustments and the vice chairperson of the riverwalk committee. I was also a member of the city of Waco’s recycling advisory committee. As a graduate student at Baylor University, I was president of the Graduate Student Association and a member of Club Eco.”

5). “I have the heart, the head and the experience for this position. I am a very passionate and dedicated person. I am a good listener and I desire to help people and our community. I have a master’s degree in environmental science. The degree program focuses on teaching students how to assess the needs of everyone and everything in a community, and make decisions based on meeting the needs of the entire community. I have taken courses in urban and rural planning and development, as well as risk management and assessment. I worked for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as an environmental investigator. In this position, I learned about local and state government and their applicable laws. I learned how governmental entities work together, and the many facets of a city government that must work together in order to get the job done.”

Barbara Mitchell

1). “I wanted to serve the community. I have a business in Glen Rose and I hear a lot of different input from citizens about what they think is going on locally. I want to be a voice for the citizens, that’s what prompted me to run for city council.”

2). “Glen Rose is going to grow and I hope to make decisions on the council to help it grow in the right direction. I want to ensure we have a great quality of life for our residents and that affordable housing is made available for all families, including the low- to middle-income families. It’s not up to one person, but I want to be a voice for those middle-income families. There’s not enough housing now to cater to that group.”

3). “I’m interested in promoting tourism and affordable housing. I like the small town charm of Glen Rose. It’s inevitable that the city is going to grow, but it’s important we protect our town’s atmosphere while welcoming economic development. I know that there is money available for the Riverwalk Development and I know that the 4B Economic Development funds can be put towards that use. I want to see that project come to completion.”

4). “Currently I’m not on any boards or organizations. I do support numerous school-related activities, Relay for Life and other service events to benefit our residents and youth.”

5). “I think being a business owner and the fact that I’ve lived in Somervell County for more than 20 years, makes me a quality candidate and I do think that gives me some insight to local issues and concerns. I live in the Historical District and I’d like to see that area protected and to promote the downtown area. As a business owner, I don’t want to see Glen Rose die, but also don’t want big city influences that I believe won’t work here and negatively our citizens. That’s why I moved here. Everyone knows everyone. I’ve been here a long time and believe I have an understanding of what citizens are looking for in the future of the city. If I’m elected, citizens will always know where to find me - I will always be available. I hear so many different complaints and I think that I could be of help to our citizens. We don’t always agree, but I think it’s OK to state your opinion and not agree all the time. I don’t have a personal agenda. I just would like to be a voice for the people.”

Dennis Moore

1). “I signed up as a candidate so there would be an election to give the citizens a vote, and so I can be an advocate for the local businesses and homeowners.”

2). “Future growth of the city is an important issue. It needs to be planned and controlled effectively, and housing for middle and low income families; there is little, if any, being built.”

3). “I don’t have a particular item for consideration, but will seek to make sure our city continues to stay sound budget-wise and look out for the best interests of the taxpayers.”

4). “I am currently on the Planning & Zoning Board and have served for about two years. I am currently on the Somervell County Senior Citizens Board and have been on it about four years.”

5). “I have lived in the city and area most of my life. I want what is best for Glen Rose and the community. I’m thankful this is my home and will seek to make sure it continues to be a desirable place to live.”

Dr. Rocky Terry

1). “I ran for city council originally because, as a businessman and a community member, I wanted to be a part of helping Glen Rose make the transition from a small town to a small city. as smoothly as possible. I have had enough experience working in industry to know that any successful change must be made with a great deal of thought, and open and honest communication with all those who will be affected by that change. As this is the fourth term for which I am running, I am beginning to see what the needs for Glen Rose are, and how to go about bringing people together to meet these needs. It takes several terms to begin to understand what the needs are and how to make ideas come to fruition.”

2). “The city is financially sound and is being managed by an excellent city staff. The city council is working together to meet the day-to-day needs of the city. The most important issue today is getting the city ready to meet the growth that is coming to our area. It will be necessary to annex more area and provide the necessary utilities. The second issue is the development of a long-term growth plan to lay out where and how the city should grow.”

3). “If re-elected I will work to continue the plans for community development and the long-term growth plan. New housing subdivisions are being built all over the county because of a lack of land within the city limits. This area is going to grow whether we like it or not. If the city council does not get ahead of the growth, we will spend all of our time reacting to the growth. Do we want a Whiskey Flats as our next-door neighbor?”

4). “As I live a very busy life, I do not have time to participate in most civic organizations. I did belong to the chamber of commerce for a year, and I feel the need to rejoin to get input regarding important issues from active community leaders. My veterinary practice takes a very large part of my time. I am also an active member of the First Baptist Church.”

5). “My education and training to be a veterinarian will help me to be a good city councilman. My training prepares me to listen to others, analyze data and to make decisions. I have learned the importance of communicating clearly and honestly with all the people involved. I would like to see Glen Rose maintain the close community feeling we all enjoy as it grows.”

Ricky Villa

1). “I grew up here in Glen Rose and just wanted to give back to the community what it has given to me.”

2). “The city’s master plan. Glen Rose is growing whether we want it to or not. If we do not control the growth and give it a direction it can turn into something totally different in the future. I believe that the citizens want Glen Rose to keep its same personality and small town charm. I also support expanding the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). I believe that we must expand the ETJ or city limits. I am fearful that Granbury may try to expand their city limits as they did all the way to Cresson. They are a home rule city and would be able to do that. There are ways to accomplish this without imposing city taxes on to county citizens through the abatement of taxes. This would be a win-win situation. The city would not impose taxes as long as we did not provide city utilities.”

3). “Starting the master plan for management of future city growth. We already have four new hotels coming to Glen Rose, plus two new large developments in the works.”

4). “I have been very involved in the community of Glen Rose. I have been on the board of directors, as treasurer, for the chamber of commerce, and a fire department volunteer, and EMT. I am currently still serving with the city council, as mayor pro-tem, and on the 4b economic development committee. I am also chairman of the transit board. My occupation is administrator for Cherokee Rose Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.”

5). “I have no hidden agendas. I vote for what is in the best interest for the citizens of Glen Rose. I always make myself available and love to hear from the citizens. I am involved with the community and do business here, and therefore I know what is going on in Glen Rose in all aspects.”

Dates to remember

The last day to register as a voter for the upcoming local elections is Thursday, April 10.

Early voting will begin for the city elections on Monday, April 28 and continue through Tuesday, May 6. Polls will be open at Town Hall for early voting from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day.

On Election Day, Saturday, May 10, polls will be open at Town Hall for 12 hours, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The last day to request a mail-in absentee ballot is Friday, May 2, for those voters who will be out of town during the voting period. Mail-in ballots must be received by the election judge at Town Hall by May 10.