With the cost of necessities on the rise, many people are looking for ways to stretch their dollars. For some, that means buying items at resale shops instead of more traditional outlets.

“People still have to get clothes for the kids and themselves,” said Becky Powell, owner of Second Thoughts. “Kids grow so fast. People will bring in baby clothes to sell and then buy more clothes.”

Powell said many people don’t realize that they can get high-end labels at deep discounts through resale and consignment stores.

“I’m really going to try to target the teenagers,” Powell said. “I’ve gotten really strict on which labels I accept. A lot of people think they have to go to Fort Worth and don’t realize they can get name brands right here.”

Most of Powell’s inventory is consignment. Even with a shaky economy, she said there has been no change in the number of items coming in, but there has been an increase in traffic, with people searching for a great deal.

“I get a lot of people from out of town. The big events bring in tourists and I had quite a bit of traffic on the Fourth of July,” Powell said. “More local people will start coming in August when school starts.”

The United Methodist Thrift Store has also seen a few changes in their clients, but not the changes they expected.

Pat Faust is a member of the United Methodist Church and a volunteer in the store. She said sales were down a little this quarter, but not very much.

“I’m surprised,” Faust said. “But maybe people are not buying quite as much or they’re not buying larger items like furniture or specialty items.”

However, until now, sales had been steadily increasing every year.

They also have not seen a drop in the amount of items coming in. Faust said all the items in the store are donations from the community.

“When people clean out their closets, they bring in their clothes, toys and dishes,” said Faust. “In the summertime, we see a lot of garage sale leftovers.”

As the economy slows down, perhaps more people will discover the local resale shops and thrift stores and realize they don’t have to travel very far to find a deal.