The Somervell County Commissionerís approved a new contract with the city regarding animal control services Monday morning. The new agreement is effective Oct. 1.

Glen Rose City Council members held a called meeting Sept. 22, and decided to draft a five-year contract requiring the county to pay $50,000 a year for animal control. The amount will increase 3.5 percent each year until the contract expires and a new agreement is negotiated.

The county has been paying more than $41,000 a year.

County Judge Walter Maynard said he supported the new contract and recommended its approval.

ďItís never been a question of Tammy (Rayís) work. Itís just a matter of getting the details,Ē Maynard said.

The motion passed by a 4-0 vote, contingent on a budget line item transfer.

The city council budgeted for additional expenses this year such as fixing the parking lot, expanding the cat facility and replacing older cages. Rising fuel costs are also straining the cityís budget.

Tammy Ray is the only animal control officer on staff and said she needs part-time help to manage larger animals and to help with animals that have to be euthanized.

Ray said she tries to move adaptable animals through the facility as quickly as possible, but has a hard time getting it done alone.