After more than 30 years of service to Somervell County, Kenneth Taylor is hanging up his hat.

Somervell County elected officials held a retirement celebration for the former justice of the peace Thursday in the commissioner’s courtroom.

“It was just a little get together for a bunch of us who have worked down there for a long time,” Taylor said.

Taylor, 82, decided to retire several weeks ago after a prolonged illness.

“I was going by that sick spell,” he said. “I’m old enough to retire anyway.”

And it’s not his first time to enter retirement. Taylor retired once before but returned at the request of the county when the individual who took his place left.

“I missed all the people I worked with at the courthouse,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the only thing he will miss more than the people he worked with is the people he met while working.

“I always tried to have common sense. That’s the way I did things and people seemed to like it,” he said. “I made good friends. If I could help someone, I tried to help them.”