Alan Elton Light, the man accused of attempting to abduct a woman at gunpoint from the Brookshire's parking lot in April, last week was indicted by a Somervell County grand jury.

The charge of attempted aggravated kidnapping with a deadly weapon is a second-degree felony and carries a punishment of two to 20 years in prison.

The grand jury, which met Wednesday morning at the Somervell County Courthouse annex, also recommended a $150,000 bond be set. Light remains behind bars in the Hood County Jail. The Somervell County Sheriff's Department sends long-term male prisoners to Hood County and keeps female prisoners in Glen Rose.

District Attorney Dale Hanna said his office takes the offense “very seriously.”

“We'd anticipate a jury trial,” Hanna said after the indictment was announced.

When asked about the timing of such a trial, Hanna said, “I would hope, certainly, in the fall, subject to court schedules.”

Light, 55, was arrested April 27 for attempting to kidnap a 52-year-old woman the evening before as she was starting to leave the Brookshire's parking lot in her car. Authorities said he opened her car door, pulled her out, waved a gun at her and ordered the woman to come with him in his pickup truck.

She fought off her attacker and managed to break free and run to the store entrance. Another customer was able to get the license plate of the suspect's truck.

The victim, who said she did not know Light, was not harmed physically. She has requested that her identity not be revealed because she is afraid of retaliation.

Officers recovered two weapons at Light's residence on U.S. Highway 56 South during the execution of a search warrant.

Records show that Light over the past five years has been arrested several times for public intoxication and violating a protective order.

Light also had financial problems and his wife previously had informed the sheriff's office that her husband was depressed. The two were not living together when the suspect was arrested, authorities said.

Shortly before the attempted kidnapping, Light's home was foreclosed on. The week after his arrest for the attempted abduction, the property was sold on the steps of the Somervell County Courthouse.