Compiled by Kathryn Jones

This record package is presented as a public service by area law enforcement, public service agencies and the Glen Rose Reporter.

It is important to point out that simply because a person is arrested or accused of a crime, is present at a crime scene or is identified as a suspect in any printed report in no way indicates that a person is guilty of a criminal offense.

The Reporter prints every item of information compiled by participating law enforcement agencies. Any subsequent determination of guilt or innocence must be determined in a court of law.

Arrests from the Somervell County Jail log follow:

Jacob William Beggs, 25, of Walnut Springs was arrested April 21 for speeding.

David Andrew Bryson, 58, of Walnut Springs was arrested April 18 for burglary of a building.

Brian Russell Conner, 41, of Glen Rose was arrested April 20 for possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.

Shannon Dannon Downs, 44, of Glen Rose was arrested April 18 for driving with an invalid license with a previous conviction or suspension.

Dawn Renee Knight, 40, of Glen Rose was arrested April 18 on a motion to revoke probation.

Michael Travis Leach, 20, of Haltom City was arrested April 18 for a court commitment related to a possession of a controlled substance offense.

Earl William Pickard, 35, of Chico was arrested April 20 for theft of property of more than $50 and less than $500.

Forty-seven inmates were reported in custody and 103 total charges reported.

In the past week, 11 vehicle accidents with no injuries, two vehicle hit-and-runs and three grass/brush fires were reported.