Special to the Reporter

The Neo-Relix II Film Festival's film selection committee so far has selected six films for this year's festival.

Congratulations to the following films: "Ad Noctum," "Sorry I Missed You,""Transcend," "Timothy Feathergrass,""O Solitano Ataque de Vorgen" and "The Day the Robots Woke Up."

Four of the films are in the science-fiction category and two are horror-based.

The film from Brazil, "O Solitano Ataque de Vorgen," is in the vintage of the old Japanese "Godzilla" movies, complete with English sub-titles.

"I remember watching these movies as a child in black and white on late night TV, and I am sure that the new generation of moviegoers will appreciate the classic style of this horror film," said festival co-founder Darrell Best.

This week the selection committee will be review conservation films.

Six films is enough for the competition, but the festival is working on getting more films submitted, Best said.

"With two weeks to go, we will be coming down to the wire on this film category," he added. One of the films is "Among Giants," which documents the life of a person who has lived in redwood trees in California for the past three years to keep a lumber company from clear-cutting the redwoods in that area.

"Whether you agree or disagree with the conservation movement, it makes for an interesting film," Best said.

The festival still needs volunteers for the Labor Day weekend event. Please stop by Neo-Relix headquarters on the square or call 254-897-1818 for information. The grand opening will be held in a week. Advance ticket sales, T-shirts, hats and collectables will be for sale.

Next week's festival update will be on the topic of sci-fi movies.