The Somervell Cancer Support Group met Oct. 14 to appoint an advisory board to oversee the management of funds from local fundraising efforts. These funds will be used to assist cancer patients of Somervell County.

The new board officers are: Marilyn Phillips, president; Peggy Huffman vice president; Sharon Lawler, secretary; Darlene Chambers, treasurer; Alice Lance, reporter; and Patricia West, advisor.

The group discussed criteria of disbursements, need and application process. Anyone can refer a cancer patientís need to the group. The main focus will be to ensure treatment, nutrition, medication and miscellaneous need. The main criteria is the person must be a Somervell resident. The group also is planning to add cancer screening for the county.

Referrals may be made to one of the following: MaryRuth Wirt, 254-396-3171; Patricia West, 254-897-4500; Darlene Chambers, 254-396-1187; or Binnie Summers, 254-898-0412.