June 22-25 is the annual Mills Family Reunion. It will be held at Tres Rios in Glenrose.

This will be an exciting reunion! We have a newly discovered relative named Jeanie Morton. Jeanie has been searching for her extended family for the past 38 years. Jeanie is the granddaughter  of Jimmie Shoulders Mills. Jeanie's father, was Mark Shoulders, born before Floyd Mills and Jimmie Shoulders married.  Mark was adopted when he was very young. He was adopted by a family by the last name, Anderson. The adopted family named him John Mark Anderson. 

John Mark passed away in 1984 of Huntington's Disease.  4 children (including John Mark) of Jimmie Shoulders have passed away from Huntington's Disease.

Through the help of Search Quest America, Jeanie Morton was able to find a son of Floyd Mills and Jimmie Shoulders Mills, this son was named Floyd Homer Mills.

Homer invited Jeanie Morton and her family to the 2012 Mills Family reunion. We are so excited to meet this new cousin that we didn't know existed until recently and are thrilled that she and her family will be attending the reunion.

It was so hard for Jeanie to find information on her fathers biological family due to his adoption, but thanks to the great work of Searchquest America, Jeanie was able to locate us, her new relatives!

We look forward to meeting Jeanie and her family this year and I know we will have a blast getting to know one another.


Thank you Search Quest Americaor being such a huge help to Jeanie.