GRISD Senior Westley Pritchard plays football, baseball and tennis.

Accolades include Acacemic All-District, 1st Team, and All-District cornerback.

Q. What is your favorite sport?

A. My favorite sport is baseball because it takes so much mental focus on such a little aspect of the game, and on any given day the top team can go down.

Q. Who is your favorite†athlete?

A. My favorite athlete is probly Ian Kinsler, because he shows he isnít in the majors just for the money. He works hard and loves the game

Q. Who do you look up to?

A. I look up to my brother because he basically taught me everything I know, and he showed me how much hard work paid off in the long run.

Q. What is your most memorable moment of this year?

A. My most memorable moment is kinda difficult, but I will go with our Bridgeport playoff game. You canít ask for a high school playoff game better than that.

Q. What are your plans for after high school?

B. After high school I am attending Schreiner University to play baseball and major in history with a minor in sports management. (See related story about Pritchard's verbal commitment to play at Schreiner.)