Recently, Dr. Hutchinson and I had the opportunity to go to a Stroke Conference, and we are excited about bringing Glen Rose Medical Center up to speed with current recommendations.

Let’s look at Stroke data:

1. Kill more than twice as many individuals than breast cancer every year - 90,000 stroke related deaths versus 40,000.

2. Leading cause of death in United States.

3. 90 percent preventable

4. CAD (coronary artery disease) is the leading cause of death in first 5-10 years following a stroke.

5. The risk of MI (myocardial infarction, or “heart attack,) after TIA (transient ischemic attack,) is doubled annually.

6. Every 45 seconds someone has a stroke.

With this data in mind, the goal is to get GRMC designated as a Primary Stroke Center.

To do this, we need collaboration of our emergency room doctors, nurses and floor nurses to implement a successful program and necessary protocols required for designation.

If a stroke comes in to the ER, we need to get a STAT CT head to evaluate whether it is an embolic or hemorrhagic stroke. If it is an embolic or infarction and the patient is within the four-hour window - or three-hour window for patients older than 85 - then anti-thrombotic medication will have to be administered.

This designation will allow GRMC to have access 24/7 with a Neurologist who specializes in stroke intervention.