After more than 230 appearances in criminal court, Ron Hankins is set to retire. The elected official, who has served as Somervell County attorney for 20 years was honored at a reception last week, where he credited his father for setting him on the right track.

Hankins said his father, Doyle, may not have been an educated man, but he expected and wanted more for his son.

"Dad kept on me to get more education," Hankins told a crowd of fellow officials, attorney and community members. "He had a sixth grade education, but he was no dummy."

Hankins said his father encouraged him to attend law school, and while he was not fond of school, he took his father's advice. 

"Dad realized all of the things that could be done with a law education, so he spoon fed me the idea," Hankins said. "It is the best general education you can receive, and everything dad told me was correct. We would not be here today if not for him."

The Hankins family's roots run deep in Somervell County and some attendees agreed that his connection to the local community makes him a better prosecutor.

"Ron Hankins is one of the fairest law men you will ever meet," one attendee said. "He gives some people more chances than some people believe they deserve."