The Newtown, Conn., tragedy is still sending shock waves across the nation. In Texas, many school districts are discussing measures to allow employees who are properly trained and certified to carry concealed handguns on their campuses. If Glen Rose ISD was to ever consider such a measure, would you support it?

C58CEDB6-CAD0-0001-9A261F9017601D56 No. Teachers should not be security guards 6 C58CEDC9-8A60-0001-E88984D01F501713 No. I believe it would further compromise safety 2 C58CEDE4-D8E0-0001-3E5F1B60AF40122A No. Only law enforcement should carry weapons at schools 6 C58CEDD2-9680-0001-E1B01620540015D8 Yes. I feel it would increase safety 13 C58CEDF3-E8E0-0001-98B11E88E6B077A0 Yes. We should be able to carry weapons where we wish 12 C58CEDFF-4CD0-0001-2C987A401A706CB0 I'm undecided 2