City staff provided information to the council at their May 13 meeting that showed a feasibility study to determine how beneficial the slide would be and the cost to install the river feature would be $6,000. The council tabled the issue to allow for further discussion.

C5B0E018-6730-0001-9351103D1F961C82 Yes. We need to attract more tourist traffic. 11 C5B0E01C-7170-0001-D7A419F233701DD5 Yes. It would benefit local families and businesses. 9 C5B0E021-07B0-0001-5E9D1597193A2740 No. The Paluxy is too low, and presents a health risk. 22 C5B0E028-1330-0001-6FBD1B20819A1E2F No. The council needs to think more conservatively. 13 C5B0E02B-BBD0-0001-29D352D01A9082E0 I am undecided and support the feasibility study. 0