STEPHENVILLE - Gillotine Grace was sent to the penalty box just seconds into the last jam of the bout Saturday night, allowing the South Texas Rolleristas to escape with a dramatic, come from behind win over the Cowboy Capital Rollergirls.

This was the closest, down to the wire game that the Cowboy Capital Rollergirls have faced so far this year. The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls fell to the veteran South Texas team 204-190.

"It was a heart-breaking loss," said team captain Gillotine Grace. "To fight so hard to stay ahead the entire game, just to fall in the last few seconds, but I can say that we left it all on the track."

The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls were noticeably short skaters for Saturday's nights bout with team co-captain, Psycho Filly and BAM both being out due to injury. This had significant impact on strength of both the blocker lineup and jammer rotation that the Cowboy Capital Rollergirls were able to field on the track.

The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls were able to capitalize early on in the game when South Texas' jammers got into penalty trouble resulting in Grace putting up 35 points in one jam. This gave the Rollergirls' what would be their largest lead of the game 62-28.

In the second half, South Texas came back and were able to hold the Rollergirls scoreless for nine-straight jams with strong defensive. The Rollergirls were unsuccessful in mounting a counter-offense in these last few jams of the game to hold off South Texas.

Grace lead all scorers for the night with a total of 104 of the Cowboy Capital Rollergirls' 204 points. Reckless Intimidator (Tolar) and Hott Wheels (Brownwood) put up 49 and 39 points, respectively.

The Rollergirls blockers, Crews'n & Brews'n (Dallas), Punky BrewzHer (Stephenville) and rookie Kool-Aid Renegade (Granbury) had a strong presence on the track holding South Texas to 11 score-less jams collectively.

"It's always tough to lose. But we are a very strong team when everyone is healthy," said Grace.

The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls have a month off from competition. They return to the City of Brownwood Coliseum Saturday, July 13 to face the Rockin' City Rollergirls of Round Rock, where proceeds will be benefiting the Girl Scouts of Central Texas.