Glen Rose could welcome a new city administrator in the coming weeks.

A more than month-long search to find the ideal candidate for the position - vacated by Ken West in early July - returned more than 30 applicants, according to Mayor Dennis Moore. The applications were recently reviewed by a hiring committee - Moore and local business professionals and citizen board members Gene Brode, Rhonda Cagle and Cody Stone - that met last week to discuss their top selections. Ultimately, committee members agreed on two candidates who they felt would be ideal for the job.

When he called the meeting, Moore told committee members to sort the applications into three stacks - those they support hiring, individuals they oppose and others who could possibly fill the role.

"Everyone agreed on one applicant," Moore said, adding that individual was in each committee member's "yes" stack and a second selection was also made.

The top pick for the position, who Moore did not name, has 12 years of experience as a city administrator and is currently self-employed in the real estate industry.

"I see that as a plus," Moore said, adding the candidate expressed his desire to move to the local area to be closer to family.

The city council is expected to review the hiring committee's recommendations and conduct an interview of the first candidate Thursday, Sept. 5.

"If the council so chooses, we can proceed to applicant number two," Moore said, adding the second selection is currently employed as a city administrator and has held that position for more than five years.

In mid-July, the council approved the posting of the position and also approved an annual salary range of $60,000-70,000. Moore said the top candidate was satisfied with his potential earnings and ready to relocate from his current residence - within the state - to Glen Rose if an offer is made.

The city administrator compensation package has been the topic of much debate as West was made $26,000 more - salary and travel allowance combined - than the $70,000 he was initially offered.

While the job description includes a requirement for the city administrator to alive in Glen Rose or relocate within six months of being hired, West commuted to work - from the Dallas/Fort Worth area - throughout his 15 months of employment. He requested a travel allowance of $6,000 per year, which was approved by the majority of the city council. That allowance has since been rescinded.

Moore said he did have an informal, less than hour-long interview with the committee's first selection following the committee meeting last week. Moore said when he called the candidate to arrange an interview with the council, the applicant was coincidentally in Glen Rose at that time and agreed to the impromptu meeting.

If the council cannot reach a consensus on either of recommended applicants, Moore said a second wave of applications will be sought.

Meanwhile, the search for a new director for Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau is ongoing. Billy Huckaby vacated that position - also in mid-July - after more than a decade with the city.

The second application period ended last week, and Moore said the process has been extended by another two weeks.

The initial call for applications was answered by about 30 applicants. The hiring committee for that position - Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Martin and local tourism industry professionals Steve Garcia and Warren Lewis - recommended five applicants to the council. The council interviewed those individuals but was unable to reach a consensus.

The application period was extended by an additional two weeks and ended Aug. 23. Moore said few applications were received in the second round, and the position remains open with another two weeks being given for applicants to submit their resumes.