HOOD COUNTY – William “Bill” Sam Crum, 68, was arrested on two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon just hours after a video of his alleged intentional swerve into a passing motorcycle driven by Eric Sanders went viral on the Internet. Sanders and his girlfriend, Debra Simpson, can be seen in the video attempting to pass Crum’s white Mercury sedan in a no-pass zone when the driver abruptly swerves to his left and sends the two riders and the bike into the nearby ditch. Simpson remains in ICU with multiple injuries.

Crum later told WFAA that an insect bite on his crotch was the catalyst for his sudden over correction, but does not wish to apologize to Sanders for his actions. In fact, multiple times during the video that has been viewed nearly three millions times on a handful of social media sites, Crum can be heard telling bystanders "I don't care, I don't care" after being confronted. 

However, this is not the first time Crum has had a run in with the law in Hood County, or Somervell County for that matter, and is also not the first time he has been accused of misconduct with a motor vehicle, according to arrest and court records.

On July 28, 1989, Crum was arrested by Arlington police for assault and family violence, and later charged and sentenced to one-year's probation. He was also force to pay an undisclosed restitution. Fast forward a few years to Aug. 23, 1993, Crum was picked up by Granbury PD for silent or abusive calls to a 9-1-1 service – a class B misdemeanor that was later dismissed after he recognized himself as the culprit prior to the case being deferred on Sept. 9, 1993.

All illegal, but not exactly relatable to the current charge.

Six months and change later, Crum was scooped up by Somervell County sheriff’s deputies for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle – a 3rd degree felony he plead no contest to. Crum was convicted of the charge on Sept. 26, 1994, which resulted in an $87 court cost, 80 hours of community service and two years of community supervision.

Thirteen years later, he was again found to be improperly using a vehicle by the Somervell County Sheriff’s Department. Crum was observed to be driving recklessly on March 28, 2007, but this time was also charged with making a terroristic threat. Despite pleading 'not guilty' to the charge of making a terroristic threat, he was later convicted of both charges and confined to two years in jail, while being forced to pay $500 in court fines and a $612 court fines.

Crum is currently in custody as of press time.