NEMO - Empty, bare and “For Rent” is how the building formerly utilized as the Nemo Post Office now sits. There are rumors - depending on the generation asked - of the post office previously being housed in a nearby corner store and even those who claim it was once housed in a house. Either of which may be a necessary place of relocation - that is, if there is to ever be a relocating of the office housed just a few hundred yards off of S Farm-to-Market 199.

It is not uncommon for the U.S. Postal Service to cite a lease dispute prior to notifying residents of an “emergency suspension,” as was the case in Nemo. In fact, a quick Internet search will pull up more than a dozen post offices where the exact same instance occurred. Most of those can be found on the first few pages of the search, most of those closed after 2010 and most of those have still not reopened.

The keyword is obviously “most” and none of which may not apply to the Nemo office. In a letter issued to residents who utilized the Post Office, Wendy Groves, a manager of Post Office Operations, assured that a community meeting was to be held “in the coming weeks” to address the issue.

“I realize with change there is always concern,” Groves said. “No final decision to permanently discontinue the Post Office has been made. A community meeting will be held at or near the Nemo Post Office in the coming weeks to explain our plans and solicit your comments concerning possible alternate means of providing postal and other services.

“In the interim, we are confident that the USPS will continue to provide Nemo Post Office customers with effective and regular postal services.”

Those services - and subsequently each and every P.O. Box - have been relocated and directed to the Rainbow Post Office, approximately 4.3 miles from the location in Nemo, at 1683 N. FM 200. Granbury Postmaster Tammy Wade assured that residents would not need a new mailing address, P.O. box or key. The boxes from Nemo have all been transported to the new location.

However, an adjustment on hours of operation will need to be made. While both Post Offices were Remotely Managed offices that operated for four hours a day, Rainbow’s window service operates from 7 - 11 a.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Saturday’s, but unlike Nemo, its lobby is open 24 hours a day.

“We are currently looking for alternate locations to continue service in Nemo,” Wade echoed.

According to the letter issued by the U.S. Postal Service, Charles Todd Johnson, the buildings lessor, “exercised his rights to non-renew or extend the current lease of the premises” and “[...] therefore, it will be necessary to suspend services at the Nemo Post Office at the close of business on Jan. 4, 2016.”

“The change is tentative and will not lead to a formal proposal unless we conclude that it will provide a maximum degree of regular and effective postal services,” the letter continued.

In addition to visiting the office in Rainbow, postal customers are encouraged to utilize the postal carrier for stamps by mail and to direct any questions to the Granbury Postmaster, Tammy Wade.