GLEN ROSE - With an annual average of $649, Glen Rose has ranked 112 out of 293 cities as one of the more affordable cities in Texas to insure a car. The cheapest city to rank was Memphis, Texas with an annual average of $558 and coming in at 293 was Houston with an average of $930.

The study conducted by Value Penguin analyzed the rates of estimated premiums from 28 auto insurance companies using a 30-year-old male driver as the benchmark driver and found that the Texas average annual insurance rate was $677.

According to there are multiple factors that can affect your car insurance rates.

One factor is your driving profile, such as the number of miles you drive annually and your accident and ticket history. Companies have determined that the less you drive, the less likely for a risk of an accident and claim. Another factor is the car you drive. In part the sticker price, cost to repair, overall safety and likelihood of theft all factor into the determination of car insurance premiums.

Your personal information including age, marital status, occupation, and credit score can also affect your rates.

Younger male drivers usually have a higher premium than younger female drivers, because more male teenagers have accidents than female teenagers. However, the opposite is true for older drivers, with older men having better rates than older women. Research has also found that married drivers have fewer accidents than single drivers. Therefore, depending on your driving history, getting married could lower your rates.

Since, accidents tend to occur closer to home, the area you live in affects your rates as well. If you live in a more densely populated city, you are at a higher risk of accidents, accidents with injuries and theft. During their study Value Penguin found that the cities identified as the most affordable had a lower population density as well as a lower average travel time to work in comparison with the most expensive cities.

Paying for car insurance is one of the costs of owning a car, and while you can’t change your age or where you live, there are things you can do to lower the rate of your premium. Edmunds suggested choosing a car with a lower cost of ownership. Also make sure you look for any discounts you may qualify for.

Another recommendation is changing your coverage. Switching from a $250 to a $1,000 deductible could save you 25-40 percent on your policy, according to Edmunds. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on an older car you might be paying more in insurance than the car is worth. If you are unsure if you should keep the coverage, take your comprehensive and collision premiums and add them up and then multiply by 10. If your car is worth less than that amount, don't buy the coverage.