The following is the third and final installment of a three-part series written by Katie-Rose Watson. As the creator of The Rose Table - an online travel blog - Watson recaps her trips and shares them with her followers on several social media sites. Watson made a trip to Glen Rose March 12-13 and has now shared her experience with the Reporter. You can find more on her travels at

Breakfast at Inn on the River

I could not have loved breakfast at Inn on the River anymore if I tried. This spread is everything I want in the morning: great coffee, beautiful china, melt-in-your-mouth muffins, fresh fruit, a perfectly poached egg atop an English muffin, well-seasoned potatoes, fresh tomatoes, flowers, and a garden view. All of this is complimentary with your stay at the bed and breakfast.

I cannot stress to you how fantastic this muffin was. We hardly even spoke while eating this cranberry apple coconut muffin. I loved it so much that I requested the recipe and I’m thrilled to tell you, Michael is going to send it to me and I get to share it with you all! Check back next month for the recipe.

After eating every bite of this heavenly cloud called a muffin, a blue china plate full of perfectly prepared breakfast food appeared in front of me. I’m a poached egg snob and am pleased to tell you, Inn on the River knows how to perfectly poach an egg. Based on the color of the yolk, I have to assume it came from a backyard chicken. The hollandaise sauce added richness without being too heavy in the morning. The tomato, Feta, and cilantro salad further lightened up the plate.

The dining room itself could not be prettier and the staff could not be nicer. If I had had another night in Glen Rose, I would have absolutely eaten at Inn on the River for dinner. Now that I know how phenomenal breakfast is, I will be sure and dine there for dinner next time I’m in town! (Which, according to Nicole, will be this summer. She’s already planning it.)

Heritage Park

If only we’d had more time to stroll around Heritage Park! We wanted to walk off breakfast before heading over to Fossil Rim so we drove to nearby Heritage Park for a stroll. Any city-dweller will agree: it’s huge. There’s a large playground for children, docks for fishing, a loading zone for kayakers, a gazebo, and plenty of trails for walking the Paluxy River.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim is an absolute must. If you’re a fan of zoos, you’ll love this drive-through wildlife center that allows you to get up close and personal with the animals. You can even feed giraffes by hand!

The $25 ticket might seem sufficient but trust me when I say the $40 guided tour is worth it. Nicole and I agreed we would not have wanted to drive ourselves around the park. The bus has better visibility and you get all sorts of fun facts about the animals as you go through the park.

It’s lovely to see the animals roaming relatively free around the conservation center. The animals all seem relaxed and happy, as anyone should on Sunday!

We were told the guided tour bus is seen as the “ice cream truck” by the animals, which often came happily trotting towards us.

Our tour was at 10:30 am and was to take two hours or more depending on traffic. Plan for three hours to be safe. Definitely go first thing in the morning. The park was so much more crowded by the time our tour ended shortly after 1 pm than earlier that morning. It’s worth it to get there when it opens, especially because the animals will be the most excited to see the grain treats you’re given with admission.

Most of the animals at Fossil Rim are herbivores but they do have 40 cheetahs on site (in a separate area of course). One hundred and sixty cheetah cubs have been born at Fossil Rim since the 1980s, as part of Fossil Rim’s Species Survival Plan (SSP) to help save endangered species. Your admission helps to save these animals so put Fossil Rim on your summer agenda!

Lunch at Riverhouse Grill

I wanted to go to a different spot, I really did, but then I remembered the Parmesan truffle fries. We had to go back for lunch! We were starving after exploring Fossil Rim and barely made it to Riverhouse before two. I ordered the turkey Panini and upgraded to Parmesan truffle fries. I’m fairly certain I ate every fry. The dipping sauce, a mixture of mayo, mustard, garlic, and Parmesan, is dangerously addictive.

Nicole ordered a burger with sweet potato fries. The fries were crisp and the burger, she says, was fresh and not at all greasy.

The biggest treat was the red velvet cake. It was unbelievably moist and the cream cheese frosting was somehow so light and fluffy. I immediately ordered two desserts to go to take home to my mom, who dog sat for me all weekend. (Thanks, Mom!)

On my agenda for my next trip to Glen Rose:

-Kayak down the Paluxy River

-Tube down the Brazos River

-Try the local BBQ (we never made it to Loco Coyote)

-Hike to the dinosaur tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park

-Picnic at Big Rocks Park

Until next time, Glen Rose!