An anxious crowd gathered on the Somervell County Courthouse lawn Saturday to see the outcome of area elections. Most of the voters in attendance had their eyes on one ballot item - the proposition related to the formation of the hospital district.

A collective cheer was heard as the voting totals were displayed, showing the proposition related to the future of Glen Rose Medical Center passed by only two votes.

In what is believed to be a record turnout during a proposition election, 1,478 ballots were cast with 740 votes supporting the formation of the Somervell County Hospital District.

"That is proof every vote counts," Josh Pendergraft, GRMC radiology director, said.

Others in the crowd said they were glad they had cast their ballots or their neighbors weighed in on the issue.

But the election is anything but over, according to Cathy Thomas, elections administrator.

She said two uncounted ballots - provisional votes - have been sealed and locked away until Monday.

The two ballots were cast by individuals who recently relocated to Somervell County and said they had transferred their voter registration when they updated their drivers' licenses through the Texas Department of Public Safety. But the local voter registration office had no records related to the newcomers.

On Monday, Thomas will track the voters' status. If it is determined they are qualified county voters, their ballots will be counted.

The ballot board is expected to review the information found by Thomas at 4:30 p.m., at which time it will be revealed if the voters were in favor of or against the proposition.

"We should have the answers by Monday," Thomas said.