Officials with the Erath County sheriff's office are wading through a number of threats that have been made against Eddie Routh, the man accused of killing Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Saturday.  

"There have been a number of threats made on different social media sites from ex-military and non-military folks," Sheriff Tommy Bryant said. "They aren't confirmed threats, but people are putting the word out there that they want harm to come to Routh."

One threat, however, is gaining some attention.

Bryant said he received a call Sunday night from Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford who said his dispatchers received a call from a man who said he wanted to harm Routh.

In an email sent to Alford, the man identified as "John" stated, "I will take care of this. Kyle was a friend. There is not one jurisdiction that can save him."

Deputies were dispatched to the man's home, where he told him that he needed help before he did something to the man who killed Kyle, Bryant said. 

The man was reportedly intoxicated. He was not arrested, but there are plans to get him checked into a place where he can get help, Bryant said.  

Routh is segregated in his cell from other inmates.

"We are taking extra safety measures into consideration with these threats in mind," Bryant said. "We will not be taking him out of the jail unless it is absolutely necessary. We aren't even taking him from the jail for his arraignment."

While Bryant said he did not know when the arraignment would be, he did say he had been in contact with the district judge to arrange for arraignment via video. 

"This isn't something we've ever done in Erath County before," Bryant said. "But if we can make it happen to keep Routh safe while in our custody, we will try to make that exception. Even if the arraignment cannot be done via video, we will have the judge come to the jail. Routh will not be leaving the facility for arraignment."

Jessie Horton is a staff writer for the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, sister paper of the Reporter. She can be reached at