By the next morning my head had stopped pounding from the significant amount of bumblebee stingage I had received the previous day. I got up and dressed, had breakfast, and headed to the back of our place to, once again, board Dad’s Ford tractor with the “Bush-Hog” mower still attached.

I made my way back down to my job at the old rent house in the McGinty’s pasture.We hadn’t been sure just where the bees had launched that first attack from, but upon arrival on this second day, Mr. McGinty told me that he figured it out. Turns out the bees had taken up residence in the corner of the attic of the old house.

He pointed to an open corner where he had seen the bees coming and going after my departure on yesterday. He had me notice that he had plugged that hole with an old rag which he had soaked in diesel, and assured me that the bees couldn’t handle the fumes and would not try to come around the rag. I felt much better.

Within a few minutes I was back on the clock and back on the tractor, now mowing the grass near the house. There was an old, front porch, and to cut the grass near it required that I back the mower up to it.

I did, and in the process of doing so, I bumped that porch with the mower. I immediately looked up to “that” corner and in a matter of seconds saw bumblebees climbing over that rag, (you know, the one soaked in diesel). Although their faces are very small, I detected anger as those bees, once again headed straight for my head.

As they came at me like little winged bullets, I ducked my head, giving them easy-access to the opening between my collar and the back of my neck. They took advantage of that opportunity.

Suddenly there were several bees in my shirt and they were having a field day, popping me all over my back. I at least had enough about me to put the tractor in “park” before jumping off and ripping the shirt off my body.

I quit my job that day. It was one of those times when I realized that “money’s not EVERYthing!”

Life’s an adventure. I’m livin’ it up!


Randy McLelland, a.k.a. Randy Mac, is senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church on FM 202. He plays the role of "Grandpa" in The Promise and, through his “Livin' It Up” ministries, is a motivational speaker and Christian entertainer. He can be reached at or 817-454-3386; his Web site address is