One afternoon several years ago, my wife, Joanne, and I had $4,000 worth of cookie dough boxes packed in dry ice stacked on pallets on our back porch. In one hour we carried all the boxes inside and sorted out the flavors. This was a Boy Scout fundraiser. We then made stacks of boxes for each one of the boys in the troop.

Then all afternoon, boys came to the door and I helped them carry their boxes to their cars. After carrying one of the last loads, I felt a horrible pain in my shoulder. Whether I moved or didn't move, stood up, or laid down, it didn't matter. I was in pain.

I awoke the next morning feeling no better. A few hours later, I realized that I needed to quit. I needed to quit interrupting God's story. God has a wonderful story to tell of effortless grace, glory, and being. As God says, "No other gods, only me" (Ex. 20:3,The Message). And I needed to quit interrupting God's story with a tale of pain and woe.

I thought about how everything Joanne and I had done was for the good of others. We couldn't be harmed for helping. Right where we were helping others, right there, Spirit, God, was actively cherishing His buoyant, vibrant loveliness. God's action was always health giving.

This was God's story. As soon as I stopped interrupting God's story with my song of pain, the pain simply left. It was gone. I was immediately free.

I've learned that what Spirit says has everything to do with how I feel. His word corrects and heals me.

Keith Wommack is a syndicated columnist and blogger, Christian Science practitioner and teacher, husband and step-dad. Keith’s syndicated columns and blogs originate at: